10 templates for every human resources team

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The complexities of managing everything from hiring forms to payroll documents can bog down even the most organized HR professionals.

The good news? Adopting the right HR forms and technology can simplify these cumbersome processes, paving the way for a more streamlined and productive HR department.

The benefits of proper HR documentation

HR documentation serves as the backbone of an effective Human Resources department. It's more than a necessary evil—it's a strategic advantage. Here's why:

  • Legal compliance: Well-organized documentation helps in ensuring compliance with labor laws and protects the company in legal disputes. It's like having an insurance policy; you hope you never need it, but it's invaluable when you do.
  • Efficient onboarding: Streamlined documentation allows for a quicker and more comprehensive onboarding process. New hires can hit the ground running, positively impacting both employee satisfaction and overall productivity.
  • Conflict resolution: In times of employee disputes or disagreements, having a well-documented account of events or previously agreed-upon terms can be a lifesaver. It helps HR professionals to resolve conflicts in a more timely and fair manner.
  • Performance management: Proper documentation aids in performance evaluations by providing a concrete record of employee achievements, issues, and milestones. This makes it easier to set measurable goals and identify areas for improvement.
  • Informed decision-making: With easy access to employee data and histories, HR departments can make more informed decisions. Whether it's about promotions, terminations, or new hires, proper documentation offers insights that can guide strategic choices.
  • Time and cost efficiency: Digitizing and properly managing HR documentation can result in significant time and cost savings. Automated forms and e-signatures, for example, can expedite processes that would otherwise take days to complete.
  • Enhanced employee experience: A well-structured HR department creates a ripple effect on employee morale and work-life balance. With streamlined processes, employees spend less time mired in administrative tasks and more time focusing on their actual job roles.

10 must-have forms for every HR team

Navigating the HR landscape effectively means having the right forms at your disposal. From recruitment to termination, these essential documents facilitate streamlined operations and compliance.

Below are five must-have form types for every HR team, complete with their benefits, example use cases, and how Paperform can help manage them:

1. Recruitment and onboarding forms

Onboarding forms aren't just your run-of-the-mill forms; they're your first impression to prospective employees and a crucial part of your HR toolkit. Efficient recruitment and onboarding forms help you sift through candidates like a pro, making the entire hiring process less chaotic.

Where Paperform fits in

Thinking of a tailored approach to your hiring process? Paperform's got you covered. Our customizable form builder lets you create forms that vibe with your company's ethos and specific needs.

And when we say seamless integration, we mean it—Paperform plays nicely with popular cloud HR software like Workday, BambooHR, and Zoho People, ensuring that your recruitment process is not just efficient, but also cohesive.


job application form

2. Payroll and expense forms

You know the saying, "money makes the world go 'round"? Well, it also keeps your employees content and motivated. Accurate payroll and expense forms are the lifeblood of this financial ecosystem within your company.

They're not just about numbers; they're about trust. Think monthly salary slips, overtime authorizations, and reimbursement forms to cover those home office upgrades and travel costs.

Where Paperform fits in

Dealing with numbers can be a real headache, but Paperform can act like your aspirin. Automate the mundane with features that help you route submitted expense forms straight to the finance team for rapid approval.

Plus, Paperform integrates like a dream with accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks. This is a game-changer; it means no more manual entry and less room for error. Your finance and HR teams will thank you.


employee reimbursement form

3. Performance and evaluation forms

Feedback is the breakfast of champions, right? It's how we grow, adapt, and strive for excellence. Performance and evaluation forms serve as the structured channels for this critical feedback.

We're talking annual performance reviews, attendance tracking sheets, and self-assessment forms. These documents don't just gauge how someone is doing; they help set the roadmap for where they can go.

Where Paperform fits in

Paperform takes the dread out of performance evaluations—no more clunky Word docs or easily lost paper forms. Our platform lets you create sleek, easy-to-navigate forms your team will actually want to fill out.

Even better, these completed forms can feed directly into HR software like Workday or BambooHR for a smooth end-to-end review process. You can analyze trends, gather insights, and set up automated workflows all from your Paperform dashboard.


performance evaluation form

4. Employee feedback and suggestion forms

Let's face it, no one has all the answers—not even the higher-ups. That's where employee feedback and suggestion forms come in. These forms are like the suggestion box of the digital age, giving everyone a voice.

They're crucial for keeping the pulse of employee satisfaction, tracking proposed company improvements, or even capturing those little 'aha' moments that could make the office a better place to be.

Where Paperform fits in

Collecting feedback should be as simple as giving it. Paperform streamlines this process, letting you whip up forms that are easy to fill out and even easier to analyze. Looking for specifics? You can set up conditional questions, letting you dig deeper into topics that matter.

Once you gather this goldmine of employee insights, you can easily export the data into HR platforms like Gusto for comprehensive analysis. Plus, with Paperform’s encryption, all that valuable intel is secure, allowing for anonymous submissions that invite genuine responses.


employee satisfaction survey

5. Termination or separation forms

It's a part of the job that no one really likes to talk about, but let's face it—sometimes separations happen. Whether it's layoffs, resignations, or terminations, you need to ensure that the process is carried out as smoothly and respectfully as possible.

Standardized termination or separation forms provide a roadmap for both parties, ensuring that all legal and company protocols are followed.

Where Paperform fits in

During sensitive processes like these, confidentiality and precision are key. Paperform’s secure platform is well-suited for creating forms that handle sensitive matters with the utmost care.

Need to include a lot of details like severance packages, non-disclosure agreements, or checklists for returned company property? You can do that easily. Plus, with Papersign, you can add eSignature capabilities to ensure quick, secure, and compliant agreements.


exit interview form

6. Health and safety forms

Occupational health and safety isn't just a buzzword. It's a commitment to creating a secure and conducive work environment. From reporting workplace incidents to assessing potential hazards, the right forms ensure everyone's well-being and compliance with safety regulations.

Where Paperform fits in

Keeping track of health and safety records doesn't have to be a logistical nightmare. Paperform makes it easy to design highly customizable health and safety forms. You can add mandatory fields or even add photo uploads to capture a thorough view of any safety incidents


incident report form

7. Training and development forms

Personal and professional growth is a two-way street. Your employees want opportunities to evolve, and you want a team that's continually enhancing their skills. Training and development forms are pivotal here, helping you identify what your team needs to flourish and how to get them there.

Where Paperform fits in

With Paperform, you can create interactive and engaging forms for training enrollments, skills assessments, and post-training evaluations. The platform allows for easy automation, so for example, based on the responses, you could automatically enroll team members in specific training programs.

Plus, Paperform integrates smoothly with recruitment software or Google Sheets (let's face it, most of us live in Sheets), making the administration of programs a walk in the park.


training registration form

8. Leave and time-off request forms

Let's be honest, managing time-off requests without a good system is like trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle in the dark. You need a clear, straightforward method to handle vacation days, sick leave, and other types of absences.

That's where leave and time-off request forms come into the picture. They help you keep track of who's in and who's out, ensuring everyone gets the rest they deserve without leaving gaps in your workforce.

Where Paperform fits in

With Paperform, you can not only create robust leave request forms but also integrate them directly with your HR software like BambooHR or Gusto.

Want to make the process even smoother? Use Paperform's Slack integration to automatically send each submitted request as a Slack message to the designated approver. The message can even include a direct link to approve or deny the request. Now that's what we call modernizing HR operations.


human resources complaint form

9. Employee grievance forms

Conflicts and issues are part and parcel of any workplace. Employee grievance forms offer a formal, confidential avenue for employees to report issues ranging from harassment to conflicts with colleagues. This ensures that no problem goes unaddressed and offers a structured way for HR to handle these sensitive issues.

Where Paperform fits in

With our secure and encrypted platform, you can assure your team members that their concerns are confidential. Use Paperform's conditional logic features to tailor the form according to the type of grievance being reported.

You can also opt for an anonymous submission feature to encourage open reporting without fear of backlash. By using Paperform to handle grievances, you create an environment where employees feel heard and valued.


human resources complaint form

10. Employee recognition forms

Who doesn't love a pat on the back? Employee recognition forms are all about celebrating achievements and creating a positive work environment. These forms let employees nominate their peers for various awards and recognitions.

It’s not just about boosting morale; it’s also about recognizing hard work and encouraging a culture of appreciation.

Where Paperform fits in

Create visually appealing, easy-to-fill-out nomination forms that employees will actually enjoy completing. Take it up a notch with automation features: Imagine an automatic email or a digital certificate sent to the winners upon submission of the form. Recognition feels good, but Paperform makes it feel even better.


employee of the month nomination form

Simplify HR today

Managing HR is no small feat, but having the right forms at your disposal can make a world of difference. Whether it's streamlining the recruitment process, tracking performance, or celebrating your team's achievements, forms are essential for a well-oiled HR machine.

But why settle for just any forms? With Paperform, you get customizable, dynamic, and interactive forms tailored to your needs. Plus, our advanced features and seamless integrations make managing your HR tasks a breeze.

Try Paperform today and see how much easier HR management can be. Start your free trial now.

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