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Gather opinions, ignite discussions, and engage your audience with our interactive poll maker. From simple multiple choice polls to in-depth vocabulary quizzes, Paperform makes it easy to build fun, interactive polls that work on any device.

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Poll creation made simple.

Simple online poll maker created with Paperform.

The easy poll maker.

Create engaging polls with Paperform's intuitive online poll maker. Whether you’re looking for feedback, gauging voter behavior, or just looking for a bit of fun, we’ve got you covered.  Craft a single question poll, go for multiple options, or dazzle with image lists. Our polls are designed to keep your audience involved, not overwhelmed.

Design beautiful online polls wit Paperform.

Beautiful design.

Why settle for bland when you can bedazzle? Paperform lets you design mobile-friendly polls that echo your brand's unique style. With fully customizable templates, fonts, colors, and logos, your polls can be as dynamic and vibrant as you want them to be.

Share polls easily with Paperform

Instant engagement.

Unleash your polls to the world with a single click. Whether embedded on your website, linked on socials, or shared directly with your audience, Paperform ensures your insights reach far and wide. Polls have never been so portable!

Conditional Logic forms built with Paperform

Smart polls. More engagement.

Harness the power of conditional logic to create responsive polls that evolve with each answer. Questions change based on each response, making every poll interactive and engaging. You’ll keep respondents interested, boost completion rates and gather sharper insights.

Paperform's poll insights

Insights, simplified.

Your poll data is a direct line to your audience’s preferences and opinions. Get the full picture from Paperform's user-friendly dashboard, where you can view and analyze responses with ease. Gain actionable insights, and better understand your audience—all with a simple poll.

700+ purpose-built customizable templates.

Whether you're after a sports quiz, market research poll, personality quiz or anything in-between, you’ll find the perfect template to jump-start your polling.

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Paperform's integrations with third-party apps

Plug and play.

Paperform smoothly integrates with a wide array of popular applications—from data analysis platforms to CRM systems. Save time and cut down on busywork, while sharing your poll data wherever you need it most.

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