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Easy, beautiful, yours

Easy, beautiful, yours

Paperform allows you to make beautiful polls, surveys, and questionnaires of all kinds. Its modern, free-text interface makes building forms and landing pages feel as simple as editing an online document. Choose from more than 20 different question fields to collect multiple-choice answers, open-ended responses, or even capture e-signatures and payments. When you’re done you can then export submissions in your chosen format, or use integrations to automatically synchronise data.

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Smart polls for smart people

Smart polls for smart people

Use conditional logic and success pages to customize your polls dynamically. For example, depending on your respondents’ answers to the primary poll’s question, you may ask for additional information or redirect them to a particular thank you page. Paperform makes it easy to create personalized polls and surveys that are also actually fun to fill out.

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An experience for every occasion

An experience for every occasion

Paperform allows you to switch between Guided (one question at a time) or Static form modes. Guided mode is great for short, interactive polls and surveys—particularly if you expect them to be filled out on mobile devices—while the Static experience works best for longer forms with lots of visuals and text. Not sure which one is right for you? You can switch between the two at any time.

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3000+ Integrations

3000+ Integrations

Whether you use our direct integrations or connect with Zapier and Integromat, Paperform integrates with thousands of external apps, allowing you to sync data and automate workflows with ease. We also offer a built-in email engine that allows you to send transactional emails straight to your respondents.

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