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Paperform vs. Jotform


Paperform is a flexible online form builder that lets you make sales, take bookings, communicate with customers, and put manual processes on autopilot. The powerful editor offers nearly unlimited customization, 25+ question fields, and advanced workflows, so you can build the beautiful solutions you need.


JotForm is a popular form builder that makes form building simple and doesn’t require you to write a single line of code. You can create and publish forms, integrate them into your site, and receive responses by email. With more than 10,000 form templates available in 18 languages, Jotform puts a lot of emphasis on form customization.

A Detailed Comparison

(Updated February 2024)


Free version
Free up to 5 forms and 10 submission per month
Starting price (USD, billed monthly)
$29 per user/mo
$39 per user/mo
Forms per month
Submissions per month
100 (+ $7.50 per additional 250)

Both Paperform and Jotform offer similar features and solutions—at very different price points. If you only need to create a few simple surveys with a maximum of 10 responses per month, Jotform’s free limited plan might be a good place to start. However, as soon as you’d like to add slightly more advanced question types, Paperform becomes a more cost-efficient option.

Let's dig deeper into the feautre comparison below.

Form Creation

One-page Forms
Pagination (Multi-page Forms)
Pre-fill Information
Hidden Fields
Conditional Logic
File Uploads
Appointments (Bookings & Scheduling)
Advanced Calculations
Basic Calculations
E-Signature Support

Both Paperform and Jotform offer an intuitive form-creation experience. You can create forms that ask one question at a time, span over multiple pages, or show you all the questions at once. Paperform even lets you create engaging forms that look like landing pages.

Paperform interface
Paperform interface
Jotform interface (Image Source: Jotform)
Jotform interface (Image Source: Jotform)

When it comes to crafting more complex forms with advanced logic, both Jotform and Paperform offer similar solutions, although Jotform asks a premium price for the same solutions that you can get from Paperform’s Essentials and Pro plans.

For example, with Paperform you can create smart forms that take one-off payments or recurring payments, and manage booking appointments, and even calculate complex answers for you. Although Jotform offers similar solutions, they lack some flexibility and customization compared to Paperform.

Form Sharing & Experience

Embed Forms
Share Forms via Link
Share Forms via Social Media
Automatic Emails to Respondents
'Save & Resume' for Respondents
Submission notifications & emails
Auto-Close Forms
Pro & Business plans

Both platforms provide a seamless form-sharing experience. You can embed forms on your website, share them via direct links or social media channels, send automatic follow-up emails, and even let your audience save their forms and continue later.

The difference comes in small yet significant features such as auto-closing forms. With Paperform you can make your forms automatically close after a certain date or number of submissions, whereas Jotform doesn’t offer that feature.

Customization & Branding

Custom Form Link
Custom Branding
Custom End Screen
Add Images, GIFs & Videos to Forms
Custom Domain
Pro & Business Plans
Enterprise plan
Multi-language Forms and UI
Custom Fonts & Colors
Custom HTML
Pro & Business Plans

Both platforms take design seriously and offer an impressive library of pre-built templates and a variety of customization options. Customise backgrounds, change colors, tweak the UI, and show off your distinctive brand. Paperform takes it to the next level by even letting you create forms that look like landing pages.

Jotform offers an impressive set of templates, but advanced custom branding features like custom HTML, custom fonts, and domains are only available on the Enterprise plan.

E-Commerce & Payments

Sell Products
Built-in integration with Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Square, Google Pay + integrates with 95 other payment providers
Integration with Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree + 20 more payment providers
One-off Payments
Recurring Payments (Subscriptions)
Multiple Currencies
Tax Calculations
Discount Coupons
Via Stripe
Via Stripe
Product Inventory

Paperform and Jotform offer excellent e-commerce support that allows you to seamlessly sell products and take payments via your forms. The main difference is how the payment gateways and providers are set up.

Paperform has built-in e-commerce features and support for multiple payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Square, and 95 other tools. This means that everything from product inventory, automated receipts, invoices, and even dynamic shipping fees and tax calculations are done within Paperform. Paperform also offers Order Form Templates specifically built for e-commerce, restaurants, and other businesses looking to sell their products and services online.

Jotform's e-commerce capabilities rely on integrations with payment providers, which is why it lacks some features and flexibility around payments.

Analytics, Automation & Integrations

Submission Reports
Export Data
Advanced Form Analytics
Google Analytics
Meta Pixel
API access
Pro & Business plans
Pro & Business plans

Both platforms give you a wide set of tools to dig into data, however, Jotform keeps the more advanced reporting to its higher-priced plans.

Another difference is the number of pre-built integrations. Paperform offers over 3,00 integrations that allow you to sync data to Google Sheets, share responses to Notion databases, add Asana tasks and more, wheres Jotform has less ready-made integrations, but its API is free to use.

Security & Privacy

Enhanced Security (SSL Encryption)
Two-Factor Authentication
SOC 2 Type II compliance
HIPAA Compliance
Enterprise plan
Gold plan

Paperform and Jotform both take customer data seriously and ensure your user data is protected with features like enhanced security through SSL encryption and two-factor authentication. If you need HIPAA compliance, both tools offer this feature on their highest pricing plan.

Paperform and Jotform also have passed System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Audit which checks that the software and services are protected by one of the highest recognized standards of information security compliance in the world.

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Forms for any occasion

Forms for any occasion

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Unmatched customization

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Professional Templates

Professional Templates

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Easy Peasy

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