Papersign vs Jotform Sign

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Fast & intuitive document signing

Fast & intuitive document signing

Create customized documents with ease

Create customized documents with ease

Strong security & compliance

Strong security & compliance

Papersign vs. Jotform Sign


Papersign is an eSignature solution designed to simplify creating, sending and signing documents online. The powerful document editor lets you go from a blank page to a customised, branded and signed document in just a few minutes. Papersign places high priority on security and complies with several eSign regulations in the US, EU, UK, AU and NZ.

Jotform Sign

JotForm Sign is an eSignature solution by JotForm, a well-known form builder. It allows users to easily collect electronic signatures on documents, contracts, and forms. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and offers a range of features including customizable templates and advanced security measures.

A Detailed Comparison

(Updated February 2024)


Jotform Sign
Free version
Yes - Unlimited access to all the features.
Yes - Limited access to most features.
Starting price (USD)
$24 per user/month
$39 per user/month
2 users

Both Papersign and Jotform Sign offer a free version, however, with Papersign’s free plan, you can still access all the features, whereas Jotform’s free plan limits your access to many features.


Papersign has two pricing tiers: a Free plan that is limited to 3 signed documents per month, and a Pro plan at $24 per user/month with unlimited e-signatures, documents, and team members (with each additional team member costing $24/month). This ensures that your monthly costs won’t go through the roof regardless of how many documents you need to create and sign each month.

Jotform Sign

Jotform has four paid pricing tiers that all come with different monthly form creation and document signing limits. For example, the lowest paid plan—Bronze plan at $39/month—allows you to create 25 forms and sign 100 documents per month. To sign more documents, you would have to upgrade to Silver plan which unlocks 250 document signatures at $49/mo.

Document Creation & Signing Experience

Jotform Sign
Create documents from scratch
Custom Branding
Available on paid plans
Import PDF documents to sign
Reusable Documents
Signing Workflow
Audit Trail
Signed Document Certification of Completion
Signer Delegation
Document Expiration
Reject Documents
Pre-filled Fields
Pre-built Templates

Although Papersign and Jotform Sign offer very similar features, the document creation and signing experiences are somewhat different.


You can create documents by uploading a PDF document, by building your document directly within Papersign, or a combination of both. You can also use Papersign’s large library of pre-built Document Templates to get started.

You can mark up PDFs by simply clicking and adding fields, images and static content that can be dragged and dropped, resized and formatted to match your document. For documents created inside of Papersign, you can use slash commands to quickly insert fields anywhere inside your content.

Fields can be linked to specific information like the signer's name or business address so that they only have to enter it once when signing the document and have their changes reflected everywhere.

You also don’t need to worry about losing track of your contracts, proposals, and more. You’ll get instant notifications to monitor your document’s progress in real-time, and there’s also a simple dashboard to keep an eye on all of your documents at once.

Papersign interface

Jotform Sign

Building your form and setting up the signature workflow is fairly easy and straightforward with Jotform Sign. Simply start by uploading a document, or choose from a large library of pre-built templates to modify. Then, add signable fields, and modify document settings.

Things get a bit more complicated when you’re trying to master the more sophisticated attributes such as workflow approvals, CRM integrations, and team management. These can be hard to find and configure in the editor so you may need some dedicated time and practice.

Jotform Sign document template (Image Source: Jotform Sign)

Security & Compliance

Jotform Sign
SOC 2 Type II
2-factor authentication for signers
UETA and ESIGN Act compliance (US)
ETA & ETR compliance (AU)
eiDAS Regulation compliance (EU & UK)
Yes, except for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES)
HIPAA compliance
Gold & Enterprise plans

Both tools comply with GDPR for data protection, UETA & eSign Act to eSign documents in the US, and have passed System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Audit which checks that the software and services are protected by one of the highest recognized standards of information security compliance in the world.

Papersign also complies with the ETA & ETR regulations for Australia, and eiDAS Regulation for customers in the European Union and the United Kingdom, except for Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

Integrations & Support

Jotform Sign
Seamless integration with Paperform to automate document creation & signing
30+ integrations
24/7 support
Live chat

When it comes to integrations, Jotform Sign currently wins the battle with its 30+ integrations. While we at Papersign are actively working on adding more third-party integrations, Papersign ties in beautifully with Paperform so that you can easily tie together payments, scheduling, rich data capture, and signed documents in one place.

Both tools offer 24/7 customer support via email and a large section of Help Articles on their websites. Papersign customers can contact support also via a live chat for faster replies.

Why switch to Papersign?

Powerful document customisation

You can go from a blank page to a branded document ready to be signed in minutes. Upload PDFs, create documents from scratch, or mix and match the two to create custom-branded documents at lightning speed.

Strong security & compliance

Papersign has robust security measures to protect your documents and signatures. It complies with the technical requirements of several eSignature legislations in the US, EU, UK, Australia, and New Zealand to ensure the privacy of your information.

We also comply with GDPR and SOC 2 Type II so our software and services are protected by one of the highest recognized standards of information security compliance in the world.

Our Security Measures

Unlimited forms and documents

Create, send and sign as many documents as needed without worrying about increased costs. Papersign’s Pro plan offers unlimited signed documents so you can sign documents and manage your business with ease at a fraction of Jotform Sign’s price.

Put your document workflows on autopilot with the Paperform integration

Save time with Papersign’s built-in integration with Paperform and automatically trigger signature requests for your documents. Papersign is super smart, and can dynamically pre-fill your document with a range of known information to prevent tedious re-entry, keeping you ahead of the game and impressing your clients.

Sign documents seamlessly with Papersign

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