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Billed as $288/year
Billed as $588/year
Billed as $1,188/year
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Number of formsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
+ $18/month/user (max 25)
Submissions / month100
+ $7.50 per additional 250 (max 750)
+ $10 per additional 500 (max 2,500)
+ $15 per additional 1,000 (max 50,000)
Payment Submissions / month202502,500Unlimited
Appointment Submissions / month505005,000Unlimited
Submissions Storage1,00010,000100,000Unlimited
Upload Storage1GB10 GB100 GBUnlimited
Paperform BrandingNot RemovableRemovableRemovableRemovable
2000+ integrationsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Live Support With Form ExpertsStandardPriorityFirst PriorityFirst Priority
Custom Domain Support+ $20 per domain / month1 included, + $20 per domain / monthUnlimited
Custom HTML & CSS
Standard API access
Business API access
Dedicated CSM
Local Data Residency
Advanced User Permissions & Admin Features
Logic & Power Features
Multiple Pages and Conditional Content
Guided Mode (one question at a time)
Conditional Logic (for questions, content, emails, summaries, and more)
Required & Conditional questions
Auto-close submissions (based on number)
Calculations Field
Auto-close submissions (based on date)
Form Experience
26 Field Types
Answer Piping
Share forms via link, Facebook or Twitter
Pre-filling & Hidden Fields
OEmbed Support
Wordpress Plugin
Automatic Save & Resume for Respondents
Appointment Field (Bookings / Scheduling)
Signature field
Color Picker Field
Calculations Field
Dynamic Success (Thank you) Page
Submissions closed custom messaging
Google Address Search+ $10 / month
API Powered Dropdowns
Brand and Design Customisation
Template Gallery
Form Sharing (make your own templates)
Add Images, GIFs & Videos to Forms (Body, background, products, questions, and more)
Import direct from Unsplash & Giphy
Image editor
Access Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries
Translate Forms and UI (Language support)
Advanced Design & Theme Forms
Custom Form Link (URL)
Custom Domain Support+ $20 per domain / month1 included, + $20 per domain / monthUnlimited
Data Management & Automation
2000+ Integrations (Native, Zapier & Make)
Submission Results and Reports
Export submission results
Submission Notifications
Email Responses (send emails to anyone, including respondents)
Disable Paperform's submission storage (BYO)
Form Spaces and Tag Management
Simple Submission Redirects
Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel Support
Custom Analytics
Conditional and Timed Submission Redirects
Paperform Analytics
Custom PDFs
Partial Submissions
User Permissions and Management
Standard API access
Business API access
Custom S3 Storage (BYO)
Payment Features
Product Sales and Management (eCommerce)
Price and Donation Fields
Custom Pricing Rules
Quotes / Invoices (Non-processed Payments)
Coupon and discounts on payments and subscriptions
Tax Calculations for Payments and Subscriptions
Stripe Payments
Google Pay
Braintree Payments
PayPal Business Payments
Square Payments
Issue Refunds
3D Secure support for Braintree and Stripe
SOC 2 Compliant
GDPR Compliant
Enhanced Security (SSL Encryption)
Require 2FA of all users
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How much does Paperform cost?
Our Essentials plan is available for $29 amount per month for teams and individuals after the basics. For small businesses who need more branding and functionality, our Pro plan is available for $59 amount per month. Our Business plan costs $129 amount per month and offers an array of features to scale with your business. You will receive a discount if you purchase an annual plan.

If you have bespoke needs, please talk to us about our Enterprise plan.
What happens if I go over my limits?
We will notify you if you are approaching your limits. You can upgrade your plan at any time to avoid any disruption to your service. Additionally, on the billing page you may also be able to purchase addons for your current plan to extend your limits.

If you have bespoke needs, please talk to us about our Enterprise plan.
Is Paperform free?
No. We give you what no one else does for a competitive price. We work hard to add new features and functionality that expands the product, and costs us more than if we were providing a generic form builder. We have a 14-day free trial with full functionality to give you a solid opportunity to take Paperform for a spin.
How do Scoring, Custom Pricing Rules, and Calculation Field features work?
We support a few different types of calculations. Scoring allows you to define rules that add up an overall score for your form. Custom Pricing Rules let you define conditions that will manipulate the final price of a product or service, and the Calculations Field lets you write a formula to determine what the result is based on other answers. Paperform is extremely powerful and dynamic!
Can I take payments with Paperform?
Yes. Payments are available across all pricing tiers for you to sell your products or services. Our payments are powered by Stripe, Square, Braintree and PayPal Business. We also support Google Pay and a range of payment methods supported by these providers.
Is Paperform secure?
Yes. Your data is securely stored via Amazon in the U.S.A, which is GDPR compliant. (Learn more about Paperform and GDPR here.) Form submissions are secured using TLS 1.2 SSL from the submitter’s browser through to our servers, and forms and submissions are encrypted at rest. To learn more about security, including best practices, see here.
Does Paperform offer a ‘one question at a time’ style layout?
Yes. Guided Mode provides a ‘one question at a time’ experience. This can be switched on in the Theme menu within the editor, and toggled off at any time.
Does Paperform support multiple languages?
Yes. For form content we support any language, as long as it’s available in your chosen font. We also allow you to customize the default UI. This means you can change any component of our internal app and buttons to your language of choice.
Can I request a feature?
Sure thing. We’re always open to hearing ways you think we can improve and evolve. To make a request, contact us. Please include an example or specific use case so we can understand exactly what you’re after and whether others share your needs.

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