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Manage recruitment and automate onboarding

Manage recruitment and automate onboarding

Paperform allows you to create smart application forms that use conditional logic to interact with candidates in real-time. Showcase your company’s unique culture with the ability to embed images and videos within your forms, or streamline communications with your applicants by automating emails and processes whenever someone submits a form.

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Your personal scheduling assistant

Your personal scheduling assistant

Swift communication is the key to a successful hiring process. With Paperform you can stay on top of your meetings and schedule interviews effortlessly. Our platform links to Google Calendar and popular video conferencing tools, giving you the power to keep on top of your scheduling and avoid conflicts. You can also send automatic emails prompting candidates for information, so you can make sure you’re always prepared.

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Create assessments, tests, questionnaires, or surveys

Create assessments, tests, questionnaires, or surveys

Whether you’re looking to assess candidates' abilities or check references with a questionnaire, Paperform is the fastest way to progress through the hiring process. Create all sorts of beautiful forms, calculate scores, automate processes and measure your results in our analytics dashboard. One platform, nearly limitless uses.

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Measure and improve employee satisfaction

Measure and improve employee satisfaction

With our surveys you can get deeper insight into employee satisfaction levels in the workplace. Show you care by setting up follow-up emails to gauge morale and promptly respond to any feedback. Paperforms work with popular employee engagement apps like Blink and Slack too, making it even easier to measure productivity and happiness, and build a better culture.

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Automatically receive a submission summary in your inbox, or send custom emails to yourself, the submitter or anyone else.

Show a success message that is tailored to the responses, or redirect the submitter to another page.

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