Create Forms for Notion with Paperform

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Not only can you integrate Paperform with Notion. You can make your Paperforms look like Notion too. 👀

Just pick the Inter font from the Theme menu. It's that simple.

And if you're used to Notion you'll be right at home with our no-code form builder.

Here's a quick guide:

👉 Use slash commands to add content—images, videos, questions, headings, page breaks & more.
👉 Use Quick Integrations to pull info from Notion pages to automatically create questions and share complex data in seconds.
👉 Tap anywhere and start typing
👉 Highlight to transform & align text
👉 Drag & duplicate question blocks

Plus, with our ✨ brand new✨ integration, you can send form data straight to your Notion database automatically.

With the Paperform Direct Integration, you can connect your forms directly to Notion.

How do I use the direct integration?

Our direct integration supports three actions:

  • Add a new page to a database
  • Embed a new page in a page
  • Add content to the end of an existing page

Direct integrations can be setup in no time at all in the form editor. If you're looking to create a form for a Notion database that already exists, check out the video below on Quick Integrations.

  1. Go to After Submission > Integrations & Webhooks
  2. Click the Notion icon, and choose the desired action from the list of actions.
  3. Follow the prompts to connect your account, and configure the action.
  4. When you're done, test the action, and then click "Finish Setup" to put the action live!

How do I create a form for an existing Notion database?

We support a Quick Integration for Notion that speeds up creating an integrated form for Notion databases.

Can I embed my form in a Notion Page?

Yes! Simply copy the URL of your form, and then in Notion, type /embed and paste the form's URL to embed the form.

How to create forms for Notion

Before you can create a form, you'll need a Paperform account, if you don't have one you can create one here for a 14 day free trial (no 💳 required).

Once you have a Paperform account, you can create a form. To get started you can watch the overview video above, or follow our step by step guide.

If you'd like a head start on creating your form, have a look through our Templates Directory. We have over 500+ designer made templates that not only look great, but have questions ready for you to tailor to your needs.

Other ways to connect your Paperform forms to Notion

As well as the Paperform Direct Integration outlined above, you can also connect to Notion with Zapier.