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Completely Customizable

Paperforms are completely customizable to your unique brand. Create your own themes, tailor your color palette to your business, and embed content wherever you like. Our intuitive editor makes it easy to design beautiful, branded forms in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Don’t settle for another boring form that looks like everyone else’s. Make it yours.

Stunningly Smart Forms

Set the logic rules you want. Ask the questions you need answered and skip the rest. Make your own answers with Excel-esque calculations. Craft a responsive user experience that makes every customer feel like the apple of your eye — from hello to goodbye.

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Accept Online Payments & Subscriptions

Build beautiful payment forms and pages to collect information, capture payments, and automate invoicing. Paperform integrates with Stripe, PayPal Business, Square, and Braintree, for quick and safe online payments.

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Stay on Schedule

Capture more than just a date and time. Power everything from simple appointments to complex events. Bookings for Paperform gives you the power to take payments, calculate quotes, ask questions, and schedule appointments all in a single form.

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Streamline your workflows

Paperform’s built-in tools and e-signature integrations empower you to automate routine post-purchase processes like generating custom PDF receipts and getting your documents signed. Take advantage of more than 3,000+ native integrations, Zapier, and Make integrations to connect with your favorite third-party apps, automate workflows, and create lighting-fast processes.

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Questions to ask when choosing a form builder solution

1. What features are available?

2. Is the form builder intuitive and easy to use?

3. Can the tool grow with my business needs?

4. What kind of integrations does it have?

5. What kind of support does it offer?

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