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Amendment vs. addendum: key differences

Learn the differences between an amendment and an addendum—and when to use each.

Contract terminology: Breaking down legal jargon

Demystify legal terms with our comprehensive glossary—which includes fun examples from The Simpsons ...

10 templates for every human resources team

Discover how the right HR forms can transform your department. From recruitment to recognition, see ...

5 ways electronic signatures make hiring more efficient

The hiring process comes with a lot of paperwork and e-signatures save time, money, stress, and mist...

15 best SurveyMonkey alternatives to explore in 2023

Looking for a SurveyMonkey alternative? We've tested the field to help you find your ideal survey to...

15 best DocuSign alternatives in 2023

Explore the top 15 DocuSign alternatives of 2023 for secure, easy-to-use eSignature solutions. Find ...

What's new at Paperform? (August 2023)

This month is all about elevating your eSignature game.

How to electronically sign a PDF on Mac

Wondering how to sign PDF documents on your Mac device? Mystery solved.

Electronic signatures for beginners: 12 answers to your FAQs

We answer common FAQs on eSignatures and Papersign.

Employee Spotlight: Sam Proctor, Operations Manager

Learn about Sam's journey, passions, and what attracted him to work at Paperform.

How to create a form in Excel (in 5 steps)

Creating a form in Excel can be challenging. We'll guide you step by step, with helpful tips and scr...

How to add an electronic signature in Microsoft Word (5 easy steps)

We'll walk you through how to sign a Word doc—and offer a much better alternative.

How to set up a paperless onboarding process

This guide offers practical tips and specific examples to streamline your onboarding, cutting down o...

A guide to email automation

Discover the power of email automation with Paperform. Learn how to save time, personalize messages,...

Data collection methods: Types and examples

In this article we will explore the process of gathering data, and how each method of data collectio...

Form design: best practices for beautiful forms that convert

Form design is more than a few finishing touches—it impacts your form’s appearance, functionality, a...

How to embed a Gravity Form with (or without) shortcodes

Adding shortcodes is as easy as copying and pasting. This article will explore how to add shortcodes...

How to insert signatures in Google Docs

Learn how to add a signature to Google Docs and discover a more modern eSignature solution.

What are third-party integrations (and how do they work)?

Third-party integrations can help you automate more of your busywork. In this post, we’ll teach you ...

7 ways to boost form conversion rates

Your form conversion rate indicates how many people completed and submitted your form. Here are seve...

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