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How Harnessing Negative Feedback Can Improve Your Business

Negative feedback can be difficult to hear, but ignore it at your own risk—it's one of the most useful tools to improve your business.

23 Aug 21 / Laura Wilson

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12 Nov 21 / Meaghan Lehrer

Introducing Our New Dashboard

Organise, manage and build forms in beautiful new ways with our updated dashboard.

10 Nov 21 / Paperform

Employee Spotlight: Meet Jozella Roque, Customer Success Lead

Employee Spotlight is a series that features interviews with the members of Paperform's global team....

5 Nov 21 / Jack Delaney

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Shopify vs Etsy (Features, Pricing)

An in-depth Shopify vs Etsy comparison to help you find the best ecommerce solution for your needs.

27 Oct 21 / Laura Wilson

Introducing a New Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

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How to Start an Online Bakery: 6 Lessons From Kerbside Creamery

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