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Transformed: The Story of Paperform’s New Visual Identity

Paperform has a fresh new look! In this post our Visual Designer, Sam, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the process—from the initial idea through to the final product.

8 Mar 22 / Sam Birch

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13 Jun 22 / Vivian Tejeda
How to Make a Header Image for Google Forms

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10 Jun 22 / Jack Delaney
The 12 Best Integrations in 2022

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10 Jun 22 / Eliza Frakes
Workcation 101: How to Successfully Combine Work and Play

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How to Use Zapier Integrations to Improve Your Work

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31 May 22 / Vivian Tejeda
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The Ukrainian Tech Workers Helping Refugees Flee the War

Rodion Salnick never imagined that war would touch his home country. “You never think this could hap...

19 May 22 / Eliza Frakes
Introducing the 'Neo' Matrix Field

It's time to enter the Matrix with our long-awaited Matrix question field, which gives you a way to ...

11 May 22 / The Paperform Team
30 Powerful Paperform Integrations for Better Marketing

From automating your emails to your work flow, to social media, Paperform has dozens of integrations...

3 May 22 / Eliza Frakes
The 9 Best Online Form Builders in 2022

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29 Apr 22 / Laura Wilson
How to add Ranking Questions in Google Forms

With no dedicated solution, adding a ranking question in Google Forms takes some creativity.

20 Apr 22 / Eliza Frakes
18 Google Sheets Formulas and Hacks to Simplify Your Work

Let’s dive into the Google Sheets formulas and hacks that’ll make your life easier, help you find ou...

20 Apr 22 / Laura Wilson
Collect Feedback in Style with the New Rating Field

Introducing a new, visually engaging way to collect feedback from customers, users, or colleagues.

13 Apr 22 / Jack Delaney
15 Great Zapier Alternatives to Automate your Workflows

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20 Mar 22 / Eliza Frakes
Social Media Design: Tips and Tools for Visuals That Pop

Social media design tips and tools for non-designers. Propel your social media strategy to the next ...

14 Mar 22 / Laura Wilson
Transformed: The Story of Paperform’s New Visual Identity

Paperform has a fresh new look! In this post our Visual Designer, Sam, gives a behind-the-scenes loo...

8 Mar 22 / Sam Birch