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Customer Retention: 8 Strategies That Build Loyalty & Boost Profits

Learn how you can increase your customer retention rate to boost your profits, cut costs and build a...

14 Apr 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Build Brand Loyalty With A Customer Rewards Program

By setting up a customer rewards program you can turn single time customers in to loyal brand advoca...

6 Apr 21 / Raul Galera

5 Steps To Creating An Effective Employee Development Plan

In this guide we show you how an employee development plan can help boost productivity, increase ret...

26 Mar 21 / Jack Delaney

16 Questions You Should Ask During Customer Service Interviews (And Tips For Your Business)

Great customer service is the key to a successful business. In this handy guide, we show the right q...

19 Mar 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Start Your Own Online Magazine

Digital magazines open new revenue streams and help position your business as a leader in your indus...

16 Mar 21 / Jack Delaney

The 5 Most Harmful Survey Response Biases (And How To Avoid Them)

Completely removing response bias from your surveys is next to impossible, but taking the right step...

8 Mar 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Effectively Give And Receive Employee Feedback

Feedback is important to growing as a person and a business, but giving (or receiving) it is no walk...

26 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Increase Social Media Engagement: A Guide For 2021

Looking to boost your social media engagement, grow your following and increase brand awareness? Thi...

18 Feb 21 / Rafaella Aguiar

11 Best Paypal Alternatives In 2021

Looking for an alternative to PayPal? We've got you covered with our comprehensive guide to the best...

11 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Be A Good Interviewer: 10 Actionable Tips

Want to be a good interviewer? In this handy guide we outline 10 simple tips to help take your inter...

8 Feb 21 / Vlad Orlov

Payment Gateway Comparison: PayPal vs Stripe vs Braintree

The right payment gateway is crucial to the running of your ecommerce business. In this guide we com...

3 Feb 21 / Jack Delaney

The Marketing Research Process Explained In 6 Steps

Market research is a crucial tool for businesses to choose the best marketing strategies, and provid...

1 Feb 21 / Neal Schaffer

The Ultimate Guide To Photography Pricing

Starting your own photography business and not sure what to charge? In this handy guide we'll take y...

1 Feb 21 / Scott Wyden Kivowitz

How To Start A Charity: 9 Steps To Success

Want to change the world and start your own charity? No problem, in this guide we outline the steps ...

27 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

Real Estate Landing Pages In 2021: The Ultimate Guide For High Conversion

Find out how to create the best real estate landing page for high conversion. Plus, this guide even ...

20 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Record A Webinar In 10 Simple Steps

In this guide, Allison from Demio outlines the ten steps you'll need to plan and record a fantastic ...

17 Jan 21 / Allison Grinberg-Funes

How To Make A Stunning One-Page Website With Paperform

Looking for an alternative to traditional websites? In this post we'll show you how to create a one-...

13 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

40 Best Canva Alternatives For Effortless Graphic Design

Looking for a good alternative to Canva? In this guide, Sandra Goh reviews the best graphic design p...

8 Jan 21 / Sandra Goh

How To Open A Yoga Studio: 5 Actionable Tips From An Expert

Marketing wiz Chandelle Hay shares her exclusive tips on how to open a (successful) yoga studio.

4 Jan 21 / Jack Delaney

How To Create An HTML Contact Form From Scratch

Creating HTML forms can be a pain - that's why we've created this easy to follow guide to help you a...

22 Dec 20 / Jack Delaney