About Paperform

It all started while we were minding our own business in tech jobs, when one by one our friends began asking us to build bespoke online forms for their community projects and businesses. The friends who were approaching us had strong local brands in place, and were looking for something that could let their personality shine through to their audience as they saw fit. They wanted to take control, but there was nothing on the market to help them.

So, we started thinking about how we could make a form builder that’s ‘bespoke for everyone’, and the Paperform editor was born.

The Paperform editor is all about easily creating forms that embody your project or business, sharing those with your community, and taking payments without fuss. Create forms using free text (like a doc), and insert questions or payments wherever you like. Forms come to life and engage your visitors like never before. We want to empower people to create forms that are truly theirs.

Who are we?

Dean McPherson

Founder & CTO

Diony McPherson

Founder & COO

Josh Cuneo

Web Developer

Vrinda Singh

Growth Manager

Vlad Shvets

Growth Lead

Danny Rios

Senior Support Engineer

Alex Noles

Support & Digital Specialist

Jo Roque

Customer Success Lead

Sam Proctor

Operations Assistant

Jack Delaney

Content Manager

Rebecca DiCioccio

SEO Marketer

Will Tait

Support Engineer

Laura Wilson

Content Writer

Connor Acott

Customer Success Specialist

Stan Karzhev

Customer Success Specialist

Kayleigh Berry

SEO Marketer

Eliza Frakes

Content Writer

Natalie Tseung

Marketing Intern