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Organising events is a breeze with Paperform. Enjoy end-to-end automation for every type of event. Manage registrations, vendors, ticketing, reporting and everything in between.

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Manage Registrations

Paperform allows you to create beautiful and branded registration forms that collect meaningful data ahead of your event. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, a concert, a wedding or a webinar, Paperform’s registration forms can be tailored to suit any and every occasion.

Use conditional logic to create responsive forms that interact with attendees in real time. Create a smooth registration experience that sets the right tone for your event, provides guests with all the information they need and processes payments in seconds.

“When I discovered Paperform I was in love with its simplicity, easy design platform and how quickly I was able to create a sexy registration form.”

Olman J. Quesada — VP of Business Development, AppSumo

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Coordinate Vendors

Communicating and managing expectations with vendors is key to the smooth operation of your event. With Paperform, you can easily streamline these processes by creating workflow forms that allow your vendors to provide pertinent information. This includes:

Their contact details

Exact times of arrival and departure

The equipment they’ll bring

Equipment and facilities they’ll need

Attached invoices to be paid

The best part? These responses can then automatically be pushed to a spreadsheet that allows you to access all the information in one convenient place. You can even automate emails to be sent to your vendors as soon as they complete the form with any follow-up details.

Not a fan of spreadsheets? Paperform integrates with your favourite apps to export vendor responses to a platform of your choice.

Increase Attendance

Marketing is crucial to the success of your event. Effectively communicating the details of your event and sending timely reminders leading up to it are foolproof ways to boost attendance.

With Paperform, you can automate your email marketing efforts by setting up automatic responses to everyone who registers, send emails to build hype and make sure your attendees have everything they need for your event.

Paperform also integrates with 25+ email and messaging apps, which means you can schedule all your email and SMS sends ahead of time. Simply set up the integration and never manually send an email again.

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Easy Ticketing & Sales

Popular event ticketing platforms tend to charge hefty commissions for every sale you make. With Paperform, you can easily set up payment processing and ticketing for your events with no commission charged.

Our forms work with Square, Stripe, Braintree & PayPal to provide a secure payment process for you and your attendees. Paperform makes it easy to sell a variety of tickets and products, add tax if needed, manage stock and automatically generate and send receipts.


Measure the success of your registration forms and events through our custom reports and NPS surveys. Paperform’s Analytics Dashboard allows you to analyse the performance of your forms to measure conversion rates, sales and attendance numbers, and segment attendees based on their responses.

Prefer to use your own tracking tools? You can easily integrate your forms and landing pages with 25+ popular analytics tools, including Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

Powerful Integrations

Enjoy 1000+ powerful integrations through Zapier.

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More than $18,000,000 in payments processed with Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and Square.

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