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Easy, beautiful, yours

Easy, beautiful, yours

Create bespoke surveys and questionnaires that truly represent your unique brand. Change fonts, customize colors, add visuals anywhere on the page and switch between static and guided (one question at a time) form experience any time. With Paperform it’s easy to make your surveys and questionnaires stand out from the crowd.

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Smart surveys and questionnaires for every need

Smart surveys and questionnaires for every need

Creating surveys with Paperform is a breeze. Use conditional logic, redirects, custom thank you pages, answer piping (and much more) to build forms that interact with your respondents in real-time. Make surveys and questionnaires that people actually enjoy filling out.

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Powerful analytics

Powerful analytics

Paperform is the easiest way to collect and analyze form data securely and conveniently. Our robust Analytics menu presents results in an easy-to-use dashboard. Using tools like conditional logic, automated responses, and custom PDFs, you can visualize results and gather actionable insights to improve your business.

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Embed and share anywhere

Embed and share anywhere

When your survey’s ready for action, you can embed it on your website, or use a shareable URL to send it directly to your audience wherever they are. Nearly 30-40% of online surveys are taken on mobile devices, which is why we make sure Paperforms look beautiful and are fully responsive on mobile too. Our guided mode is especially great for short, mobile-friendly surveys, while static made is still best for longer multi-page forms.

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Show a success message that is tailored to the responses, or redirect the submitter to another page.

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Integrate Your Favorite Apps

Automate workflows with more than 3000 direct and Zapier/Integromat integrations.

Beautiful Success Pages

Create personalized thank you pages for your respondents.

Custom HTML & CSS

Not afraid of getting your hands dirty with code? Go beyond standard customization with custom scripts, HTML & CSS.

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