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Engaging, powerful, yours

Engaging, powerful, yours

It’s easy to create any kind of test or assessment with Paperform. Start from a blank page or use one of the test templates from our library. We’ve got math, history, literature, geography, and even fashion tests that you can duplicate and tailor to your needs. Choose from more than 20 different question types to make your test as detailed, interactive and engaging as possible.

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Personalize with logic

Personalize with logic

Use conditional logic to personalize your tests in real-time based on the respondents’ answers. You can add as many AND/OR conditions as you need, creating an infinite number of branching paths in your test. For example you could create a geography quiz that lets users select a continent, and personalize the questions based on previous answers.

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Automate scoring

Automate scoring

Tired of scoring your tests and quizzes manually? Use Paperform’s scoring and calculations to fully automate the process and save hours of time—no coding necessary. Set up is a breeze with our intuitive interface. Once the test is submitted, you can even display the final score with a personalized message, company branding or just your favorite GIF.

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Streamline workflows & eliminate paperwork

Streamline workflows & eliminate paperwork

Paperform integrates snugly with more than 2,000 apps, allowing you to automate busy work and free up more time for what matters. In a few clicks you can set up recurring tests to be forwarded to students or employees, auto-generate summaries and reports and synchronize all your data with your favourite third-party apps.

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Show a success message that is tailored to the responses, or redirect the submitter to another page.

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