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Engaging online tests

Craft dynamic, engaging tests that leverage a range of question types—from multiple choice to matrix fields and star ratings. Start from a blank page or use one of the test templates to set up math, history, literature, geography, and even fashion tests. Educate, entertain, and convert, all while leaving a memorable impression on your audience.

Personalize with logic

Craft more engaging experiences with logic that changes each test in real-time based on respondent answers. Add unlimited "and/or" conditions to create endless branching paths. Imagine a geography quiz where the questions change dynamically depending on the chosen continent, or a literature test that tailors follow-up questions based on a respondent's favorite genre.

Automate scoring

Ditch the hassle of manual scoring. Use Paperform’s Scoring and Calculations to automate your grading process, freeing up your time. Plus, make the score reveal an event: display the final score with personalized messages, branded elements, or even a fun GIF.

Managing product inventory with Paperform

Custom success pages & automated emails

You can redirect your tests to a success page tailored to each individual respondent, or send dynamic automated emails based on submission test scores. It only takes a minute to set up and feels like magic to your audience.

Over 700 purpose-built form templates for every need

Use one of the pre-built, fully customizable quiz templates to build an engaging online test that your students and audience will love.

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Paperform's integrations with third-party apps

Plug and play.

Paperform integrates with thousands of popular apps so you can automate your test scoring, collect and analyze the test results with ease, and send automated test feedback to your students.

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