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Engaging quiz created with Paperform.

Engaging quizzes.

Craft dynamic, engaging quizzes that leverage a range of question types—from multiple choice to matrix fields and star ratings. Educate, entertain, and convert, all while leaving a memorable impression on your audience. Time to redefine online quizzes.

Adding scoring questions to quizzes with Paperform.

Simple scoring.

Embrace the convenience of Paperform's automated scoring for instant, accurate results. Save precious hours while maintaining speed, precision, and productivity—all while your quiz-takers enjoy a seamless experience. It's not just about grading smarter, it's about reclaiming your time.

Lead generation quiz example built with Paperform.

Easy conversions.

Who said lead generation couldn't be exciting? With Paperform's Quiz Maker, transform engaging quizzes into a smart lead generation strategy. Charm your potential leads with interactive quizzes that entertain while they inform. Quizzes aren’t a diversion. They’re your secret weapon for conversion.

700+ tailor-made templates.

From sports quizzes to customer satisfaction surveys, find a template that's perfect for your needs.

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Plug and play.

Paperform integrates smoothly with hundreds of popular apps—from CRMs to data visualization tools—empowering you to share your quiz data anywhere you need.

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