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Easy, engaging, fun

Easy, engaging, fun

Paperform offers a hassle-free quiz creation experience. You can either start from a blank page, or choose from a dozen quiz templates. Whether you’re looking to create a personality quiz, a history trivia quiz, or show off your genius with a math quiz — we’ve got you covered.

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Make magic with Calculations

Make magic with Calculations

Paperform’s Calculations are so much more than “1+1=2”. You can harness the power of these simple Excel-style functions to dynamically calculate and combine quiz scores and variables for a smarter form experience.

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Personalize with Logic

Personalize with Logic

Want to personalize your quiz experience further? Use simple AND/OR conditional logic to show or hide certain questions or question blocks. Build a quiz that adapts and evolves based on your respondents’ answers. For example, you could create a language skills quiz that changes depending on previous answers, or a music quiz that gets harder as it progresses.

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Automate workflows

Automate workflows

Paperform's built-in email automation engine allows you to seamlessly send quiz results and summaries directly into responders' inboxes. Using the Custom PDFs feature, you can even generate whole documents based on the collected data, or use integrations to synchronize your information with Google Sheets, or connect third-party services via Zapier or Integromat.

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Automatically receive a submission summary in your inbox, or send custom emails to yourself, the submitter or anyone else.

Show a success message that is tailored to the responses, or redirect the submitter to another page.

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Embed & Share Online

Once your quiz is ready, you can either embed it on your website, or share it directly with your audience.

Beautiful Quiz & Form Templates

Looking for inspiration? Check out our library of 500+ templates.

Build Your Custom Solution

Not afraid to get your hands dirty with code? Use HTML & CSS to further customize your quizzes & trivia games.

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