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Smart Calculations and Conditional Logic formulas, made easy.

Forms with calculations made with Paperform

Make magic with Calculations

Go beyond basic data collection by instantly calculating order totals, estimating project timelines, or dynamically updating fields, all in real-time. Elevate your forms into analytical powerhouses that automate tasks, saving you time and manual effort.

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Payment forms with custom pricing made with Paperform.

Custom discounts and rates

Elevate your forms from mere data collectors to dynamic sales engines. Plug in your base rate and fees, and let Paperform Calculations take the reins. Watch as your forms come alive, calculating custom rates, dishing out time-sensitive discounts, or even offering free shipping—all tailored to user input. Make every interaction count.

Forms with automated scoring made with Paperform

Math quizzes simplified

Create math and science quizzes that automatically grade complex responses as soon as they're submitted.  You can even use Calculations to provide step-by-step explanations for answers, enriching the overall learning experience.

Dynamic conditional logic forms made with Paperform

Personalized product recommendations

Craft e-commerce forms that use dynamic conditional logic and Calculations to suggest products or services tailored to user preferences. Turn forms into virtual shopping assistants that offer real-time, personalized recommendations.

700+ purpose-built customizable templates.

Get started with various Calculation Form Templates that include pre-built Calculations for everyday use cases, such as Mortgage Calculators, Marketing ROI Calculators, and Calorie Calculators.

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Paperform integrates smoothly with hundreds of popular apps—from CRMs to data visualization tools—empowering you to automate tedious tasks and simplify work.

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