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What is conditional logic?

What is conditional logic?

Conditional logic changes how your form behaves based on specific actions. It allows you to dynamically customize the form experience based on your respondents’ answers. The best thing? There’s no code or technical knowledge necessary. To set up question logic all you’ve got to do is define AND/OR conditions with our visual editor while working on your form or landing page.

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Smart forms for smart people

Smart forms for smart people

Paperform allows you to show and hide individual questions or whole sections of content based on the defined logic. With our tools you can create fully personalized question paths for different personas or categories of respondents. It’s not just for fun either—forms and landing pages that use question logic convert more, have lower drop-off rates and lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

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Redirect to custom success pages and automate emails

Redirect to custom success pages and automate emails

Don’t just customize your forms—go one step further and use conditional logic to customize the post-submission experience too. Why not redirect them to a dynamic success page tailored to each individual respondent? It only takes a minute to set up and feels like magic to your audience. You can also use logic rules to do things like whether respondents will receive an email upon submitting the form.

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Conditional pricing rules

Conditional pricing rules

Leave your calculator out of it and let us calculate custom pricing based on the needs of your respondents. With conditional logic, our tools can determine what actions (divide, add, subtract) and values (1,2,3) to use to calculate the total price of your products or services. You can even include a fixed-price or percentage processing fee or add taxes. Let us crunch the numbers.

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