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What is conditional logic?

Conditional logic changes how your form behaves based on specific actions, so you can dynamically customize the form experience based on your respondents’ answers. The best part? No coding or technical knowledge is needed. Simply define “and/or” conditions with our visual editor, and publish your smart forms.

Truly personalized experiences

Offer tailored question paths for diverse personas or categories, revealing or hiding questions and content sections based on preset logic. And it's not just for fun either—smart forms using question logic boast higher conversion rates, reduced drop-off, and skyrocketing customer satisfaction.

Custom success pages & automated emails

Go beyond form customization—make the post-submission journey equally magical. Redirect to success pages specifically designed for each respondent, or trigger tailored automated emails based on their answers. Set it up in a snap, and leave your audience in awe.

Conditional pricing rules

Say goodbye to manual calculations. Configure custom pricing rules that adapt in real-time to your respondent's needs. Whether you're adding, subtracting, or dividing, our conditional logic tools do the math for you. Want to add a fixed fee or include taxes? We’ve got that covered too—let us handle the number crunching.

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Paperform connects with thousands of popular apps—from CRMs to email marketing platforms and beyond—to transform your conditional logic forms into powerful holistic solutions.

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