Need to add scores to your forms? We’ve got you covered with Scoring.

If you’re after pricing calculations so you can calculate a cost and charge or quote, then see Custom Pricing Rules

With Scoring, you can attribute actions (= x - + etc) and values (1,2,3 etc.) to answers, and calculate a total score for the submission.

You’re able to use logic to determine exactly what answers produce which scores.

To configure scoring;

  1. Make sure you have all the fields you want to add values to in your form
  2. When editing your form, go to Configure → Form Behaviour and toggle on “Scoring”.

  1. If you like, you can start with an initial score. For example, you might want to start each participant of a quiz on a score of 200 and deduct from the score when answered incorrectly.
  2. Add rules and configure them to behave in the desired manner manner. You can add as many as you like, however note that rules are apply in the order they are listed. The rules are made of two parts, a condition (when the rule will be used) and an action (what the rule does). The action is applied directly to the score.

The score is included with the submission and can be used across all kinds of conditional logic; for example, which emails should send, which Custom Success Pages should be show, question visibility, and even be used with more powerful functions with our Calculations field.