How can I calculate a score for my form based on respondents' answers?

We offer two methods to calculate scores conditionally based on your respondents' answers.


With Scoring, you can attribute logic conditions (e.g. =, x, -, +) and values (e.g. 1, 2, 3) to fields, and calculate a total score for the submission when specific logic conditions are satisfied.

If you’re looking to use calculations for changing the form price instead of scoring, then please see our article for setting up Custom Pricing Rules.

To configure scoring:

  1. Make sure you have already created any fields on your form that will be included with scoring.
  2. From the form editor, go to Configure → Form Behaviour and toggle on the option "Scoring".
An overview of the scoring configuration settings in the form editor.Configure - Scoring (Overview)
  1. (Optional) If you like, you can start with an initial score. For example - you might want to start each participant of a quiz on a score of 200 and deduct from the score when answered incorrectly. This can be configured by modifying the "Initial Score" field.

    The field labelled "Initial Score" on the Scoring configuration page, with a demo value of "200".Scoring - Initial Score
  2. Add rules and configure them to behave in the desired manner. You can add as many as you like, however, note that rules are applied in the order they are listed (descending). The rules are made of two parts:

    • A condition (when the rule will be used)
    • An action (what the rule does). This is applied directly to the total score

The score is included with the submission and can be used across all kinds of conditional logic, for example:

Calculation Fields

Calculation fields are available with specific pricing plans. They allow you to build complex scoring logic that otherwise isn't possible with traditional Scoring, or alternatively to simplify your existing scoring logic.

Here's how you could use a calculation with scoring:

  1. Create a new calculation field on your form.

  2. Enter a calculation within your new field's configuration. Optionally, you can add the following example calculation to add 10 points to your form's scoring as a working demo


  3. Navigate to Configure → Form Behaviour → Toggle "Scoring" to On.

  4. (Optional) You can set an initial value if you'd like the score to start from a specific number.

  5. Create a rule to add/ subtract the value of your new calculation field as you see fit. Select the field from "Choose question", and complete the fields per the example below:

    An example rule to demonstrate how calculation fields may be incorporated within the Scoring feature.Scoring - Example Rule for using Calculation Fields