Can I drag and drop questions?
You can drag and drop questions to any other question group on the form.
Can I have logic applied to my questions while I have guided mode turned on?
You can apply logic to questions as well as page break logic while having guided mode turned on.
Can I hide my form from search engines?
By default, Paperform forms are indexable by search engines. However, you can turn this off under Configure → Form Behavior
Can I personalize the form URL?
Depending on your plan, you can personalize the URL of your forms, as well as bringing your own custom domain.
Can I select a default answer for my questions?
Yes, for most question types you can set a default answer
Can I use a captcha on my form?
Paperform forms supporting using an ‘invisible’ CAPTCHA.
How can I calculate a score for my form based on respondents' answers?
Need to add scores to your quizzes or tests? We’ve got you covered with Scoring and Powerful Calculations.
How can I calculate and setup group scoring or subsection scores?
You can use calculations and Paperform's scoring feature to determine subsection scores.
How can I move the submit button?
Need to move the Submit Button so that it appears after text or content? Here's how:
How do I close or disable submissions on a form?
Under Configure → Form Behavior → Form Availability there are several options to configure when submissions should be closed.
How do I insert Page Breaks and Section Breaks (Pagination & Question Branching)?
Use Breaks to divide a form into either Pages or Sections that can be shown conditionally based on responses.
How do I make questions required or optional?
Go to the question configuration and toggle on/off "Question is required"
How do I save my form?
Paperform forms save as you go - you can also click the "Save changes" message in the top bar.
How do I setup a Custom Domain for my forms?
Custom Domains are only available on the Agency plan. If you are on Agency, please follow the instructions below.
Is it possible for respondents to save a partially completed form and come back to it later?
Yes, your customers and visitors can have their form data auto-saved, so that they can return and complete the form later on.
Logic Guide
Conditional logic can be used to change the way your form behaves depending on how it is filled out.
When creating a Pre-fill URL to populate a form, particular characters are not supported by the URL and this is where we will need to follow the method of percent-encoding.
Use your own S3 Bucket
Use your own custom S3 bucket to store: uploaded files from image and file questions; custom PDFs; and submission exports that exceed the threshold for immediate download.
What is Answer Piping, and how do I set it up?
Answer Piping allows you to “pipe” or display an answer to a question, a score, or a payment total into just about any other part of the form in real-time.
Why isn't the submit button appearing or working on my form?
If a submit button doesn’t appear at the end of a form, it usually means that the "X Questions to Go" counter is active on your form.