Using the Editor


Can I copy or drag a group of questions?
Yes, you can copy or reposition an entire group of questions in one action.
Can I embed a calendar to my form?
Yes, you can! Check out our Appointment field.
Can I hyperlink a URL on my form?
You can easily hyperlink any URL on your form so that when a submitter clicks on it, it automatically opens the page in a new tab.
Can I move a question from one question group to another?
Hover over the question, then click and drag the "move" icon (six dots) that appears to the right.
Can I put GIFs directly on my form?
You can add a GIF directly onto your form using Paperform's GIPHY Plugin, or by uploading a GIF as you would any other image file.
Do you offer rich text formatting on forms?
Yes, there are a variety of common options available, such as bold, heading, hyperlinks, among others.
Getting Started
From zero to hero on Paperform.
How do I add a question group?
A group is created for every question you add that is separated from your other questions by things like blank space, page breaks, text, images, and videos.
How do I add a video to my form?
You can add videos to your form using the "Add Video" button on your form editor, or alternatively via the slash command "/video".
How do I adjust the size of images on my form?
Select the first icon in the formatting bar for full width. Click the second icon for content width, and drag the bottom-right corner to resize further.
How do I configure a question or field?
Configure any question or field by selecting the cogwheel icon to the right of it.
How do I duplicate a question?
You can duplicate a question by selecting "duplicate" in the menu that appears to the right of any question.
How do I embed Google Maps in my form?
You can embed Google Maps on your forms using Custom HTML code blocks. Please note that this feature is exclusively available with specific pricing plans.
How do I link to my email address in a form?
You can link an email address in a form so that when respondents click on it, it automatically opens a new email window in their email client.
How do I merge two groups of questions?
Move a group by selecting the drag icon (six dots) and drag it on top of another group. Release to merge them.
How do I repeat groups of questions?
Set up groups of fields that can repeat by allowing your respondent to select "Add another" or entering a set quantity.
How do I roll back or revert to a previous version of my form?
In the top-right corner of the form editor, select SAVED to view previously saved versions of the form you can revert to.
How do I separate a group of questions into less or individual questions?
Hover over the center between two questions in the same group and click "split".
If I delete a question group, are all the questions inside the group deleted?
Yes, but you can undo this with Ctrl+Z/⌘+Z or by reverting to a previous version of the form.
If I duplicate a question or question group, will the settings be copied over?
Duplicating a question creates an exact copy of the title, help text, and configuration. Only the default pre-fill key and product SKUs will change.
Is there a size limit to the images I'm adding to my form?
Images displayed on your form (excluding file uploads) are limited to a maximum file size of 6 MB.
Which video hosting sites are supported for direct video embeds?
You can embed videos directly on your form that are hosted by YouTube, Vimeo, Loom, or Wistia.
Why aren't my form changes being saved?
The most common reason for this happening is that you have multiple tabs or windows open for the form editor.
Why isn't my image saving?
Your image may not have fully uploaded before you left the page.