Can I copy or drag a group of questions?
Yes, you can copy or reposition an entire group of questions in one action.
Can I embed a calendar to my form?
Yes, you can! Check out our Appointment field.
Can I hyperlink a URL on my form?
You can easily hyperlink any URL on your form so that when a submitter clicks on it, it automatically opens the page in a new tab.
Can I move a question from one question group to another?
Hover over the question, then click and drag the "move" icon (six dots) that appears to the right.
Can I put GIFs directly on my form?
You can add a GIF directly onto your form using Paperform's GIPHY Plugin, or by uploading a GIF as you would any other image file.
Do you offer rich text formatting on forms?
Yes, there are a variety of common options available, such as bold, heading, hyperlinks, among others.
How do I add a question group?
A group is created for every question you add that is separated from your other questions by things like blank space, page breaks, text, images, and videos.
How do I add a video to my form?
You can add videos to your form using the "Add Video" button on your form editor, or alternatively via the slash command "/video".
How do I adjust the size of images on my form?
Select the first icon in the formatting bar for full width. Click the second icon for content width, and drag the bottom-right corner to resize further.
How do I configure a question or field?
Configure any question or field by selecting the cogwheel icon to the right of it.
How do I duplicate a question?
You can duplicate a question by selecting "duplicate" in the menu that appears to the right of any question.
How do I embed Google Maps in my form?
With our Agency subscription plan, you can embed Google Maps on your forms using Custom HTML code blocks.
How do I merge two groups of questions?
Move a group by selecting the drag icon (six dots) and drag it on top of another group. Release to merge them.
How do I roll back or revert to a previous version of my form?
In the top-right corner of the form editor, select SAVED to view previously saved versions of the form you can revert to.
How do I separate a group of questions into less or individual questions?
Hover over the center between two questions in the same group and click when "split" appears.