If I duplicate a question or question group, will the settings be copied over?

For the most part, yes—it will be an exact copy of the title, help text, and configuration of the duplicated question or question group (which includes its questions).

Screenshot of a question in the editor, focused on the "Duplicate" icon to the right.


  • Each product on a form must have a unique SKU. If you make a copy of any Products question, the SKUs of the duplicated products will not match the originals.
  • Copied questions will be given a new default pre-fill key. If the original has a custom pre-fill key, however, this will be copied over.


Duplicating a group of questions may affect your question visibility logic in unexpected ways. This is because questions in the copied group will retain the exact logic of the original questions.

Let's say that Question A and B are a part of the same group, and Question B is set up to only be visible if the answer to Question A is "Yes." Duplicating this question group gives you a new pair of quesitons—we'll call those A2 and B2. Question B2 will have the exact same logic settings as Question B, which means that its visibility will still depend on the answer to the original Question A. If you want Question B2's visibility to be based on the answer to Question A2, then you will need to configure B2 and update its logic settings.