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Our Products Field is used to capture the purchase of products and can be configured so that different products can be purchased, and at different quantities.

To add the Products field to your form, you can follow two different approaches:

Adding the question

Using slash commands

  1. Select a blank line in the editor where you'd like to add the Products Field.
  2. Type "/product" or "/products" and select "Products" from the list.
  3. Continue to Step 4 below.

Without using slash commands

  1. Select a blank line in the editor where you'd like to add the Products Field.
  2. Click "Add Questions" on the elements toolbar towards the left, or by clicking "Add Question" at the end of a question group and selecting "Products" for the question's type.
  3. Continue to Step 4 below.

Setting up the products

  1. Click "Configure" to the right of the field.

  2. Set the configuration options as desired (e.g. if you want to allow customers to buy more than one product at a time).

    Screenshot of Products Field configuration

  3. Select the "Products" tab, add your products.

    Every product must have a unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). This is what is used to track which specific products have been sold. Paperform automatically generates this, but you can change it if you would like.

    Screenshot of Products configuration.

  4. Optionally set stock limits, and the maximum number of each product a customer can purchase.

  5. Optionally upload images.

  6. Under the "Appearance" tab you can choose different layouts for the product field, and optionally hide the prices of the products.

    Configuration of Product's fields Appearanc


  • It is possible to create products with negative prices; however, the form total price can never fall below 0 and so negative prices may be ignored.
  • If you were wanting to create a discount selection within your form, it is best to use Custom Pricing Rules.