"Price fields" are the most basic field in Paperform for adding a price to a form. They allow you to include a simple price, and also to make include a payment where the amount is entered by the respondent (often used for donation forms).

Adding a Price field

  1. Select the line on your form page where you want the Price field to appear.

  2. Enter this slash command: /price

  3. A drop-down window should appear. Select Price from the list provided.

  4. To set up the field, use the configuration settings to the right of the field (cogwheel icon) to adjust the settings.

Using a Price field

The price field can be used in two modes:

1. "Question is read only" is turned ON

The price is fixed, and can't be changed by the submitter of the form. The price is set in the question configuration (as pictured above).

2. "Question is read only" is turned OFF

The price defaults to whatever it is set as in the "Price" configuration, but the submitter is free to modify this to whatever they would like. One big use-case for this field is donations, or pay-what-you-want products. (hint: this goes really well with the "Minimum price" configuration option, for setting a minimum amount that can be entered by the end user).

What happens when a price field is hidden with visibility logic?

When a price question is hidden with visibility rules, either on the question itself of on the page / section that the question is in, then its price is removed from the total of the form. This means you can actually use price fields to dynamically change the price with logic that shows or hides the price.

Note: once you have a field such as Price that takes payment, you will be prompted to connect a payment account to be able to process payments on the form.