How can I add and configure a Price field on my form?


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Price fields are the most basic field in Paperform for accepting payment. They allow you to set a fixed price, or to include a payment where the amount is entered by the respondent (often used for donation forms).

Screenshot of the configuration menu for a Price field

Adding a Price field

  1. Select the line on your form page where you want the Price field to appear.
  2. Enter this slash command: /price
  3. A drop-down window should appear. Select "Price" from the list provided.
Screenshot of the slash command "/price" with the option to select the question type
  1. To configure the new field, hover over it and click the cogwheel icon to the right.

Using a Price field

The price field can be used in two modes:

"Question is read only" is turned ON

The price is fixed, and can't be changed by the submitter of the form. The price is set in the question configuration (as pictured above).

"Question is read only" is turned OFF

Often used for donations or sliding-scale pricing, this allows the submitter to type in a custom amount. You can optionally set a "Default Price," and/or use the "Minimum Price" setting to prevent submission if the answer is below a certain amount.

What happens when a price field is hidden with visibility logic?

When a Price field is hidden with visibility logic (either on the question itself or on the page/section that the question is in), its price is removed from the form's total. This means you can actually use Price fields to dynamically change the total by showing or hiding them with logic.

If you'd like to charge a certain amount without displaying it in a Price field, use Custom Pricing Rules instead.


  • Once you add a Price field, you'll see the option to connect to a payment gateway (either Stripe, PayPal Business, Square, or Braintree). A payment gateway is required for accepting online payments.
  • If you don't connect a payment gateway, the form will calculate the total but it won't charge the user when submitted. This is useful for forms that generate quotes or take orders that are paid in-person or upon delivery.