What payment methods are available with Stripe?


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We support several different payment methods on Stripe. Note that these methods may be subject to country or Stripe account-level restrictions, so please ensure you have tested all selected methods before sharing your form. You may need to enable these options within your Stripe dashboard.

Credit Card

Good ol' faithful credit card is definitely supported! We also support 3D Secure verification on top of this.

Google Pay

Google Pay can be toggled on so that if a submitter has a payment method set up on their Google account and is filling out the form in a Google-compatible browser, they are able to use it instead of manually entering their CC details again.


Alipay is a popular payment gateway in China from the Alibaba Group.


Bancontact is a popular payment provider in Belgium.


Use the EPS integration to accept payments EPS payments in Austria.


Giropay is a popular payment provider in Germany.


iDEAL is a popular payment provider in the Netherlands.


Przelewy24 s a popular payment provider in Poland.


Alipay, Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, iDEAL, and Przelewy24 are all single-use payment methods. That is, they may only be used once per authorization and so they cannot be used for subscription.

These payment methods also open a popup window to confirm the payment method. Some browsers may block this window from opening, which will cause the checkout to stall. Namely, the browsers integrated into the Facebook and Instagram mobile applications on Android are not currently compatible.