Do you need more complex tax on your forms than just a flat rate? You can use custom pricing rules to modify the form total depending on the answers to questions.

You can setup a custom pricing rule to modify the total of the form by following these steps:

  1. Add some questions to your form which will trigger the custom pricing rule. For this example we will charge tax depending on the "Billing country" selected.

  1. Go to Configure → Payments → Custom Pricing rules and click 'Add another rule' to add a new custom pricing rule.

  1. Select the question you will use to trigger the custom pricing rule and create a rule to modify the total as required. For example adding 10% tax if the billing country is Australia.

  1. Add any other required pricing rules. For example we might want to add 20% tax if the billing country is United Kingdom.

Note Custom pricing rules are applied in order so if two rules are in effect at the same time the lower one will affect rules above it.

You can also set a label to describe the custom pricing rule in the checkout.