Coupons can be used to discount the price of a form by a fixed amount or by a percentage. We also support Stripe’s coupons for Stripe subscriptions.

Coupons are available on all plans, and can:

  • Be enabled or disabled at any time
  • Have an expiry date
  • Apply to selected payment fields on a form
  • Be pre-filled

Configuring Coupons

  1. To get started with coupons, go to Configure → Payments
  2. Toggle on “Coupons”
  3. Click the button “Add Coupon” to add a new coupon.
  4. The coupon can then be edited directly in the table, just fill in the details. You can even apply both a price and a percentage to the same coupon code if you like.

Note that the Amount column refers to the price reduction (in your currency), as opposed to the number of coupons available. We do not currently support limiting the total number of uses for each coupon code.

Once coupons have been toggled on, there will be a new question at the end of your live form called “Coupon”. This question is the place where the customer can enter the coupon code, and apply it to their submission:

When the customer enters and applies the coupon, they’ll be shown the discount that’s been applied as well as the total amount with the discount.

Discount a Stripe Subscription

Note that a Stripe payment source must be selected under Configure → Payments before you configure Stripe Coupons.

  1. If you have not already done so, go to your Stripe Dashboard and create the coupons you would like to use. Note that the coupon ID is what is used to apply the coupon, so we recommend setting the ID to be the same thing as the label when creating the coupon in Stripe.
  2. Add a new coupon as per above.
  3. Enter the code for the coupon as it appears on Stripe.
  4. Change the “Coupon Type” to “Stripe” by clicking on it.

Changing the wording “Coupon” on a form

You can customize the UI / wording of “Coupon” and “APPLY COUPONS” on your form in Translations.

Selecting which payment field is discountable

You can select which payment fields discounts apply to on a form. To include or exclude payments in the discount coupon, go to Configure to the right of your payment field in the editor, and then turn the “is discountable” toggle on or off. Don’t forget to save!

Pre-filling Coupons

Coupons can be pre-filled like any other question, using the pre-fill key “coupon”. See the help article on prefilling for more information about pre-filling in general.

Gotchas: Coupons with custom pricing rules

Coupons and calculations get along well, however, there is one gotcha to watch out for. When using a coupon that discounts by a percentage, the percentage is applied before the calculation is applied. This is because discounts can be included or excluded on products and price fields, so the percentage needs to be removed before the rules of the calculation go and change everything.