How can I accept payments or donations on my form?


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You can accept a number of online payment types on your form by connecting to one of our supported payment gateways:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayPal Business
  • Square

We currently don't support any other payment gateways.

You can start accepting online payments or donations on your form with these simple steps:

  1. Connect a payment source to your account. You can do this in your Paperform Account Services.

  2. In your form editor, navigate to Configure → Payments and connect your new payment account using the dropdown menu provided.

    Payment accounts in PaperformPayment accounts in Paperform

That's it! You're all set. Here are a few getting started tips:

  • Explore Custom Pricing Rules to modify the total price based on certain conditions.
  • Add Price fields to manually modify the total price of your form.
  • Configure Product or Subscription fields to offer services on your form. These will be billed through your chosen payment account.

Can I also provide the option to pay by cash or cheque?

You may provide the option to pay offline or in-person (e.g. cash or cheque) by setting up 'Pay Now or Pay Later' configurations. Forms submitted with this option selected will need to have their payments handled separately outside of Paperform.


  • Make sure your payment account is set to live and not sandbox or test to collect payments from customers. Sandbox and test are used for testing and development purposes, and will result in money not being received.