Can I have a payment field that doesn't actually take payment, like a quote or order form?

You can set up your forms so that they don’t take payment upon form submission, regardless of the price. This is great if you need to:

  • Test a payment form without processing a payment or using a test gateway account
  • Want to have a quote rather than an immediate payment
  • Want to allow your customers to pay with a means not yet available on Paperform forms (like cash, electronic transfer, etc.)
  • Want to use the form as an order or pre-order form

No payments

To prevent your form from taking payments:

  1. In the form editor, go to Configure → Payments
  2. Then click on the ‘Payment Account’ dropdown bar and select “No Account (Don’t take payment)” option
  3. (optional) You may want to change your success page messaging to reflect that no payment has been made and refer to your next steps. For example, you might like to say something like “Thanks for your order! You have received been sent a confirmation email with your order summary. One of our reps will be in touch soon to organize payment”. See how to change the success pages for more information.
  4. (optional) if you want your customers to receive a quote or confirmation, consider setting up an email response.

Now the form will show a total price but won’t process a payment. The total price will be displayed by default at the end of the form alongside the ‘submit’ button. For multiple page forms, you may also choose to display the total price at the end of each page. See this article for more information on where the total price is displayed.