Can I automatically send a Stripe receipt to my customers when they pay on a form?
Yes, you can send a Stripe receipt to customers automatically by configuring Stripe as a payment account for your form and proceeding to toggle on the option “Include Stripe receipt email in the checkout”.
Can I capture a payment and process it later?
Yes, we currently support authorizing payments with Stripe or PayPal by toggling on the option “Authorize payment for future capture” when configuring payments.
Can I change the message for "sold out" products?
You can change the message for "sold out" products by creating a translation in "Theme".
Can I have a payment field that doesn't take payment, like a quote or order form?
You can set up your forms so that they don’t take payment upon form submission, regardless of the price by selecting the "No Account (Don’t take payment)” option in the payments account configurations.
Can I make Prices, Products, or Subscriptions discountable?
Configure a question to toggle the "Discountable" setting on or off. For Products and Subscriptions, each item has its own toggle.
Does Paperform support 3D Secure payments?
Paperform currently supports 3D Secure payments for Stripe and Braintree payments.
How can I accept payments or donations on my form?
You can start accepting payments or donations on your form by connecting a payment source in your account settings and configuring this as a payment account in the form editor.
How can I add and configure a Price field on my form?
Our Price field is great for taking simple payments. You can charge a fixed amount, or capture an amount specified by the respondent (e.g. donations).
How can I add calculated shipping on my form?
You can add calculated shipping on your form by configuring Custom Pricing Rules, based on the user's answers.
How can I add complex tax to my form?
You can use custom pricing rules to conditionally add complex tax to your forms.
How do I add and configure products on my form?
Our Product Field is used to capture the purchase of items and can be configured so that different products can be purchased, and in different quantities.
How do I add or manage payment accounts so I can take payments?
You can add and manage connected payment accounts via Account Services in your Paperform Account Settings.
How do I add sales tax to payments?
Paperform provides a way to specify an additional tax rate to be added to the total price on a form. This tax is represented in the payment summary and in any Paperform-generated receipts.
How do I charge my customers fees/taxes on my form?
You can add fees or taxes to your form by navigating to Payments in the form editor and setting a value for Payment tax percentage or by using Custom Pricing Rules.
How do I choose what currency my form payment is in?
You can choose the currency that form payments are in, under Payments in the form editor or by setting a default currency in your Account Settings.
How do I connect Paypal with Braintree and Paperform?
To connect your Paypal Business account with Braintree and Paperform, you will need to have a verified PayPal Business Account and then proceed to enter your PayPal credentials in the Braintree control panel.
How do I connect a Paypal Business Account?
Connect a PayPal Business account to Paperform to accept payments using credit or debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and PayPal's Pay Later feature.
How do I connect and configure Square Payments?
You can connect and configure Square payments by navigating to your Account Services via your Account Settings and selecting "Connect Square".
How do I connect and configure a Braintree account?
To connect and configure an existing Braintree account navigate to your Account Services, select Connect Braintree, enter the required details, and press Connect Account.
How do I connect and configure a Stripe account?
To connect and configure your Stripe account in order to start accepting payments, navigate to your Account Services via your Account Settings and click the button "Connect Stripe".
How do I enable 3D Secure for Braintree payments?
In order to enable 3D Secure payments on your Braintree account, you need to confirm that your Braintree account is enrolled in 3D Secure and the current configuration is compatible with 3DS.
How do I enable Google Pay on my Stripe checkout?
Paperform forms currently support Pay with Google via Stripe. When your customers have a payment method set up on their Google Account, they can make payments quickly and easily via Pay with Google.
How do I enable PayPal as a payment method on my form?
To accept PayPal as a method of payment on your form you will need to connect a PayPal Business or Braintree account with Paperform and select it in the Payments section of your form.
How do I export products?
You can export your products from the Products Field configuration.
How do I give a customer the option to pay now OR pay later?
You can set up a form flow to allow customers to pay immediately upon submission, or to allow manual or offline payment at a later time. Alternatively, you can authorize payments for future capture with Stripe or PayPal.
How do I give discounts or coupons on my forms?
Coupons can be used to discount the price of a form by a fixed amount, a percentage, or both. We also support Stripe’s coupons for discounting Stripe subscriptions.
How do I import products?
You can upload your products straight to your form by creating a Products Field question and importing a CSV file that contains your products and their details.
How do I manage product stock on my form?
You can configure total stock under the question's configuration, and handle allocated stock on the form's Results page.
How do I send a receipt when the form is submitted?
You can send a receipt upon form submission either through the Stripe payment gateway by toggling on "Include Stripe receipt email in the checkout" or by including a receipt in a custom email after submission.
How do I set up Custom Pricing Rules?
Need to create pricing dependant upon your customers needs? Offering services that need to have fees built in? We’ve got you covered with Custom Pricing Rules.
How do I set up recurring payments or subscriptions?
You can set up subscriptions or recurring payments on your Paperform forms by creating subscription plans with Stripe and Braintree and connecting a Stripe or Braintree account to your form.
Is Apple Pay supported?
Apple Pay is not currently supported as a web payment method on your forms.
Using 3D Secure payments with Stripe subscriptions
Using 3D Secure on Stripe subscriptions requires a step from the owner to authenticate a charge on the 3D Secure card. This can prevent new subscriptions from being created on cards that require 3DS validation, to avoid this toggle on the option "Allow Incomplete Payments on Subscriptions"
What is the Stripe subscription verification charge?
If your form uses Stripe Subscriptions a small Stripe subscription verification charge may appear on the user's credit card statement due to the recommended way of integrating with Stripe, but they will not be charged this value.
What payment methods are available with Stripe?
We support several different payment methods on Stripe. Note that these methods may be subject to country or Stripe account-level restrictions, so please ensure you have tested all selected methods before sharing your form.