Question logic is used to control when a specific question is visible.

Screenshot of "Question visibility logic" settings

To setup question logic:

  • In the form editor, find the question that you would like to hide or show using logic.
  • Hover over it, then click “Configure” (the cogwheel icon to the right).
  • Toggle on “Question visibility logic.”
  • Add conditions to determine when the question should be visible.

Multiple Conditions

You can click the “Add another condition” button to set more rules for visibility. Additional conditions can be separated using “And” or “Or.”

  • And: visible if all conditions are met.
  • Or: visible if at least one condition is met.

If you need to combine “And” and “Or” in a single set of conditions, it’s recommended that you group some of them together by selecting “Multiple Conditions” at the very end of the question dropdown menu. Kind of like parentheses in a math equation, this tells the form which part of the logic to evaluate first.

Screenshot of "Question visibility logic" settings featuring the "Multiple Conditions" option

What about this toggle?

Screenshot of the toggle, "Question keeps answer when not visible"

With visibility logic turned on, you’ll see a new setting called “Question keeps answer when not visible.” This determines what will happen if the question becomes hidden after it has been answered. With this setting toggled on, any other logic on the form that depends on this answer will continue to work, whether the question remains visible or not. If this setting is off, the question will be treated as unanswered when it is hidden.


  • Only questions that are both required and visible prevent form submission when unanswered. If a required question is hidden, the user still will be able to submit the form.
  • If you’d like to set visibility logic on groups of questions or other form content, use page or section breaks instead.