Question logic is used to control when a specific question is visible.

Question logic

To setup question logic:

  • In the form editor, go to the question that you want to hide/show with logic.
  • Go to the “Configure” section of the question (cog icon to the right of the question.
  • Toggle on “Question visibility logic”.
  • Add conditions as appropriate to define when the question should be visible.
  • Optionally toggle off “Question keeps answer when not visible”. By default, when an answered question is hidden, it stays answered. However, when the answer to this question is depended on for other logic, we sometimes would prefer it if it is only answered when visible. This option controls this behavior.

Note: A required question that is hidden will not prevent the form from submitting.

Control the visibility of entire sections of content

You can also use logic in page and section breaks to control the visibility of whole chunks of content. See page and section breaks for more information.