Am I required to use visibility logic on breaks?
You are not required to use visibility logic for section or page breaks.
Answer Piping Guide
Answer Piping is a feature available on specific pricing plans that allows you to "pipe" or display an answer to a question, a score, or a payment total into just about any other part of the form in real time.
Calculations Guide
Calculations let you reference answers, transform data, and return more meaningful and custom values.
Can I let users see a summary of their answers before submitting the form?
It's doable, but you will need to build the summary manually using answer piping. Please note that this feature is exclusively available with specific pricing plans.
Can I use logic to show/hide pages while still making sure that all questions are required?
Questions will keep their required setting at all times, but if a question is not visible, then it won't be required.
Can I use the answer from one question as an answer on another question?
No, this is not something that we currently support.
Configuring dropdown field options from an external source
Paperform's Dropdown fields allow you to use an external options list, ideal for situations requiring dynamic data. This is supported by configuring the field to import options from an external public API of your choice.
Do forms support tables?
You can add custom HTML elements to your forms (please note that this feature is exclusively available with specific pricing plans), but tables aren't supported as a feature right now.
How can I add GIFs to my form with GIPHY?
You can easily add a GIF to your form with the GIPHY plugin.
How can I add Images to my form with Unsplash?
Use Paperform's Unsplash Plugin to add beautiful images to your form.
How do I use product quantities in conditional logic?
When configuring logic, choose the product question, then click back into the field selection to choose a specific product's quantity.
How to create a downloadable link with Google Drive
Allow users to quickly download content on your form with a direct download link to Google Drive.