Can I let users see a summary of their answers before submitting the form?

This is doable, but you will need to create the summary manually using answer piping and potential calculations. Please note that this feature is exclusively available with specific pricing plans.

You can type directly onto the form page, and answer piping allows you to display answers given on the form next to plain text. To get started, type two start curly braces ( {{ ), then begin typing the title of a question on your form. Select the question from the dropdown that appears, and you will be left with that question's pre-fill key inside of double curly braces; something like {{ 12345 }}. When the form is filled out, this will be replaced with the answer.

For example, say you wanted to display someone's name, email, and phone number at the end of the form on the form itself. It might look like:

Name: {{ name_question_key }}
Email: {{ email_question_key }}
Phone number: {{ phone_question_key }}

On top of straight answer piping, you could also pipe the answers to calculations. This is handy if you need to collect answers from a list and do something else to them, like provide averages, add items up, or change the way an answer is formatted.