Slash commands act as shortcuts for specific actions within the Paperform form editor. There are three types of slash commands that you may be able to use in your workspace:

  • Questions
  • Content
  • Quick Questions
  • Quick Integrations

To use slash commands, type a forward slash (/) in the form editor. Then, you will see a dropdown list of possible actions.

Below, we'll go through each of the categories of slash commands that you may use. Each command is given without the leading / for readability, but note that these commands require that you use a / in the editor (e.g. /text for a text question).


You can use slash commands as a shortcut to create a question field.

Slash commands for questions


You can also use slash commands to add content to your form.

Slash commands for content

Quick Questions

You also have the ability to create Quick Questions. These are pre-determined question fields: either containing a default title, option/s or a specific configuration setting.

Slash commands for quick questions

Quick Integrations

Quick Integrations let you quickly start integrating with select services, allowing you to pull questions from the integrated service and automatically set those questions up on the form and within an integration action in fewer steps.

Slash commands for quick integrations

Note: Field types from quick integration may not match the expected field type if the type cannot be gleaned from the integrated service or if the type is not supported.

For a more detailed look at quick integrations, have a look at our quick integrations-specific documentation.