Slash Commands act as shortcuts for specific actions within the Paperform Form Editor. There are four types of slash commands available to use on your forms:

  • Questions - Fields respondents answer on your form.
  • Content - Text, Images, Videos, etc.
  • Quick Questions - e.g. What is your Name?
  • Quick Integrations.

To use Slash Commands, type a forward slash (/) in the form editor. A dropdown list will then appear showing the possible actions you can use.

Below, we'll go through each of the categories of slash commands that you may use. Each of the listed commands is given without the leading forward slash (/) for readability, but note these commands require you use a forward slash (/) in the form editor.

For example, /text for a new Text question.


Add questions to your form using slash commands.

  • text - A Text Field.
  • email - An Email Field.
  • yes / no - A Yes/ No Field.
  • color picker - A Color Picker Field.
  • number - A Number Field.
  • phone number - A Phone Number Field.
  • address - An Address Field.
  • country - A Country Field.
  • appointment - An Appointment Field.
  • date - A Date Field.
  • time - A Time Field.
  • scale - A Scale Field.
  • slider - A Slider Field.
  • multiple choice - A Multiple Choice Field.
  • dropdown - A Dropdown Field.
  • rank - A Rank Field.
  • image upload - An Image Upload Field.
  • file upload - A File Upload Field.
  • signature - A Signature Field.
  • price - A Price Field.
  • products - A Product Field.
  • subscription - A Subscription Field.
  • calculation - A Calculation Field.
  • hidden - A Hidden Field.
  • ranking - A Ranking Field.
  • rating - A Rating Field.
  • matrix - A Matrix Field.


Add content to your form using slash commands.

  • image - Add an image.
  • video - Add a video.
  • page break - Add a page break.
  • section break - Add a section break.
  • h1 heading - Add a heading (H1).
  • h2 heading - Add a heading (H2).
  • paragraph - Add a paragraph.
  • html - Add a HTML code block. (Agency Plans only)
  • unsplash - Add an image from Unsplash.
  • giphy - Add an image from GIPHY.
  • adobe - Add an image from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Quick Questions

You can create Quick Questions using slash commands. Quick Questions are pre-determined question fields either containing a default title, option(s), or a specific configuration setting.

  • name - Text

Title: What is your name?

  • long text - Text

Allow 5 lines of text in response.

  • terms and conditions - Multiple Choice

Title: Do you agree to the following terms and conditions?

Hint: I will always make you cakes.

Options: I agree

  • radio button - Multiple Choice

Options use radio buttons for selections.

  • check box - Multiple Choice

Options use checkboxes for selections.

Quick Integrations

Quick Integrations let you quickly start integrating with select services, allowing you to pull questions from the integrated service and automatically set those questions up on the form. Any imported questions are also set-up as a post-submission integration action.

You can use Quick Integrations with slash commands as shown below.

  • google sheet - One or more text fields in the first row of your Sheets document.
  • notion - Variable based on the fields selected to be included.

Note: Field types imported from quick integrations may not match the expected field type if the type cannot be gleaned from the integrated service (or if the provided field type is not supported).

For a more detailed look at quick integrations, have a look at ourĀ quick integrations-specific documentation.