How do I integrate with Airtable?


Our direct integration makes it easier than ever to connect Airtable with your forms!

Connect Airtable to Paperform

  1. In the Form Editor navigate to "After Submission" → "Integrations & Webhooks".
  2. Click on "Airtable" under the heading "Direct Integrations". Choose from the list of possible actions on the dropdown list provided.
An image showing the button to add new actions for an Airtable integration, which has the Airtable logo and a title with the text "Airtable".
  1. Click on "Add Account +" to connect your Airtable account, prompting a popup window to appear requesting permission for Paperform to connect to your Airtable account.
An image showing the pop-up required for connecting Airtable to Paperform.
  1. Click on "+ Add a base" and choose an Airtable base or workspace, then click Authorize.
  2. Once the popup window closes, your account will be successfully connected to Paperform!

You can remove or rename your Airtable account at any time in your account settings, but note this will also affect any forms using this integration connection.

Setting up an Integration Action

With our Airtable direct integration you can use the Create a record action to add a row to a table.

Below you'll find an example of how to configure this action.

Create a Record

This action will add a new row to your table in your Airtable base when the form is submitted.

After setting up your Airtable connection for the action, complete the fields presented. The list of fields and what they do can be found below;

  • Choose a Base - Choose which base you'd like to connect the form to.
  • Choose a Table - Choose which table you would like to add a record to.
  • Map table fields - This will load the fields in the selected table, and you can use the "+=" icon to the right of the input to map specific answers to the fields in the table.

Once you have finished configuring the action, click the "Send Test" button at the bottom to test out the action. If you're happy with the results, click "Create" to finish setting up the action. This will automatically be live for future submissions.


Using Single/ Multi Select fields

When using a Single Select or Multi-select field with Airtable, your options should not include commas.

Paperform sends your selected options to Airtable as a comma-separated list, and so you may experience unexpected behaviour when including additional commas.

Listed below are a few examples of options that may not work as intended:

  • $5,000
  • John, Doe

Sending a Test for your action

For the "Send Test" button to work, you must have a recent submission that contains data for the fields being used in your integration action.

If you don't have a recent submission with the correct data set then you may encounter unexpected behaviors with integration action, or it may outright fail.

Mapping data to fields

Some integrations like Airtable require you to create fields in the table before you can integrate with them. Once you have created the fields, you'll need to choose which answers go in each field. You can use the dropdown on the right of the field name to insert the answers you would like to go in each field.

An image showing an example of how the Colums section of a Google Sheets integration action may look. The screenshot also demonstrates how the dropdown menu to select fields on your form looks when populated with data.

If fields are missing in the list, you'll need to add them to the table first. Then click the "Refresh" symbol to the right of this field to reload the field list.

Quick Integration

Add questions to your form with quick integration

You can easily collect data for your table with a quick integration.

  • Place your cursor where you want to start adding questions to your form and type /air (slash + air).
  • Click on the pop-up to Import questions from Airtable.
An image showing an example of the Airtable quick integration pop-up option.
  • Choose an existing account or add a new account as explained previously.
An image showing how to choose or add a new Airtable account.
  • Choose the Airtable Base which is used to import questions.
An image showing how to choose the Airtable Base
  • Choose the Airtable Table which is used to import questions.
An image showing how to choose the Airtable Table
  • Toggle on only the questions you want to import into your form.
An image showing how to choose the Airtable questions.
  • Click on the Import Questions button and a confirmation pop-up will display. Click on this pop-up to make immediate changes to the Integration.
An image showing the confirmation of imported questions.
  • You can edit the Airtable Integration later as explained previously through After Submission > Integrations & Webhooks

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