There are several ways you can connect your forms with other apps; Direct Integrations, Zapier, Integromat, or if you are a developer - Webhooks.

Direct Integrations

Direct integrations can be set up directly from the form editor, by going to After Submissions → Integrations & Webhooks. We offer direct integrations into several apps - which are outlined up at the top of the integrations page.


Zapier are an integration platform that supports over 2000 apps. If Paperform doesn't support a direct integration with an app, there's a strong chance you can integrate with it via Zapier. You can get started with Zapier either from within our form editor under After Submissions → Integrations & Webhooks, or from the Zapier website.


Integromat are another integration platform like Zapier that Paperform has an integration with. You can get started with Integromat from their website.


Webhooks are a way for web developers to be notified programmatically when a new submission is made, and then do something with that submission. For apps and use-cases that are not supported by any of the above, a developer may be able to create you a custom integration with webhooks.

Webhooks are set up under After Integrations → Integrations & Webhooks.