Integromat is a powerful online automation platform. It helps you connect your Paperform forms with other apps that you use, so when your forms are submitted you can kick off an entire workflow automatically.

Getting Started


To use Paperform on Integromat, you first need to connect your Paperform account with Integromat. For this you'll need to have a Paperform account and Integromat account. If you don't have an an Integromat account yet, you can sign up free for Integromat here:

Create Integromat Account

To connect your Paperform account to Integromat, follow the general instructions for Connecting to services.

Search for Paperform when creating a new scenario then Click the Continue button. When you see the webhook window, click Add and Integromat will open the Paperform website in a new window, on which you will be asked to give Integromat access to your account.

Simply click the appropriate button to give access to Integromat to your Paperform account. Afterwards, you will be redirected back to Integromat and you can go on and start using Paperform.

Using Integromat

For details on how to use Integromat, have a look a their Help Center. Here are a few very helpful articles to get started:


*Paperform is a registered affiliate of Integromat, and links to Integromat may be affiliate links.