Can I export my Paperform analytics?
Paperform analytics are available on the Pro and Agency plans and can be exported as a CSV file by navigating to the submissions page of a form, selecting Analytics from the left hand side of the menu and pressing Export CSV.
How can I setup Google Tag Manager on my form?
If you use Google Tag Manager to handle your analytics, you can add it to your form using a custom analytics script.
How do I access Paperform Analytics?
Paperform analytics comes with Pro and Agency plans and can be accessed from the submissions page of a form.
How do I add a Google Ads conversion script to my form?
It's a matter of copy and paste.
How do I compare my results via date range?
Once you have navigated to the analytics page of a form, you can compare results via date range by selecting from one of two options: Previous period or Custom dates. If you select the latter option you will be prompted to select a start and end date.
How do I get analytics working on my embedded form?
Having trouble with analytics on your embedded form? This troubleshooting guide has some easy steps to help you find the cause.
How do I set up Facebook Pixel?
It's easy to add Facebook Pixel to any of your Paperform forms!
How do I set up custom analytics scripts?
We support Facebook Pixel & Google analytics for all our plans, as well as third-party analytic scripts for Pro & Agency plans.
How do I setup Google Analytics?
It’s easy to add Google Analytics to any of your Paperform forms! Follow these instructions to get started.
Results and Reporting Guide
A detailed overview of the different tools Paperform offers to analyze, understand and report on your form results.