Having trouble with analytics on your form? This troubleshooting guide covers the most common analytics problems for Google Analytics (GA) and Facebook Pixel.

When I test my form I can't see the events in GA / Pixel

  • Double-check that your analytics are set up correctly under the Configure → Analytics menu.
  • Be patient! Events can take up to 24 hours to appear in some analytics platforms.
  • Check your browser settings and extensions. In particular, check if your browser has "Do not track" enabled, or if you are using an Ad Blocker.
  • Use a Chrome extension to debug your analytics: Google Analytics debugger and Facebook Pixel helper.

There are a lots of things that can cause events to not appear in your analytics platform. These steps will help you identify the possible cause:

My analytics numbers don't match my form submissions

If your users have browser settings or extensions that block analytics such as "Do not track" or other privacy settings then analytics events will not be triggered. This can cause your analytics numbers to be lower than the actual submissions on the form.

Also, if you have reset the analytics, then the submission total will not match the number of submissions.