Having trouble with analytics on your embedded form? This troubleshooting guide has some easy steps to help you find the cause.

General troubleshooting

There are a lots of things that can cause events to not appear in your analytics platform. These steps will help you identify the possible cause:

  • Double-check that your analytics are set up correctly under the Configure → Analytics menu.
  • Be patient! Events can take up to 24 hours to appear in some analytics platforms.
  • Check your browser settings and extensions. In particular, check if your browser has "Do not track" enabled, or if you are using an Ad Blocker.
  • Use a Chrome extension to debug your analytics: Google Analytics debugger and Facebook Pixel helper.

Embed specific troubleshooting

Embedded forms (forms added to your web page using the embed code) differ from directly accessing forms (at their Paperform URL eg 'my-form.paperform.co') in a few key ways.

Embedded forms are inside an iframe. You can think of this as a mini browser window inside your website. It has its own URL and is unaware of its location. This changes the way analytics behave in the following ways:

  • The referrer of an embedded form will always be the page on which it is embedded. This will affect your analytics results. You might prefer to set up analytics on the page where your form is embedded instead.
  • UTM parameters from the page URL will not automatically be visible to analytics on the form. You can add the data-prefill-inherit="1" property to your embed code to load the parameters from the parent page rather than the form.