How can I setup Google Tag Manager on my form?

If you use Google Tag Manager to handle your analytics, you can add it to your form using a custom analytics script (specific pricing plans only).

To add Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your form:

  1. If you haven't already, follow Google's instructions for setting up a GTM account and container.

  2. Select the container in your Google Tag Manager account, then navigate to Admin → Install Google Tag Manager.

    Screenshot of the "Admin" page in Google Tag Manager, with the option "Install Google Tag Manager" highlighted on the right side.
  3. Back in the Paperform editor, navigate to Configure → Analytics, and find the "Page load scripts" section.

  4. Copy the two code snippets from the install page of GTM.

    Screenshot of the "Install Google Tag Manager" page, with two sets of code to copy.
  5. Paste both of them into your form's "Page load scripts" section.

    Screenshot of the Paperform editor, under Configure → Analytics. Both codes from the previous image appear one after another in the "Page Load Scripts" space.
  6. Any tags and triggers you have set up in GTM should now run on your form.