Paperform analytics comes with Pro and Agency plans and can be accessed from the submissions page of a form. As well as having Google, Pixel, we provide custom analytics in-app to help you create and improve forms.

User Behaviour across mobile, tablet & desktop:

  • Views: the number of times the form has been viewed.
  • Started Submission: the number of times the form has started being answered.
  • Submitted Form: the number of times the form has been submitted.
  • Completion Rate: the percentage of people who began answering the form and submitted it.

In "Sales" you’ll find the total amounts paid in Test and Live modes.

Drop-off Questions:
See a breakdown and percentages of questions users were answering when they abandoned the form in the last 30 days.

Export & Print
Export your analytics as an Excel file, or print your analytics directly from the window.