It's easy to add Facebook Pixel to any of your Paperform forms! Follow the instructions below to get started.


  1. Go to the Facebook Pixel tab in Facebook Ad Mananger ( If you don't have a Pixel already set up, follow the prompts to create a Pixel. Once created, copy the Pixel ID.
  2. On your form, go to Configure → Analytics, and paste and save your Tracking ID under the Facebook Pixel section.
  3. You're done!


Paperform forms send through some standard as well as custom Facebook Pixel events for user's actions. Below is a list of events that are currently supported.

Standard Events

ViewContent - Triggers when the form is viewed.

**InitiateCheckout -**Triggers when the checkout is opened.

Purchase - Triggers when the user submits a form that has a payment.

Custom Events

SubmittedForm - Triggers when the form is successfully submitted.

StartedSubmission - Triggers when the user begins filling out the form.

How to use events for conversions

See this facebook article on how to create custom conversions using events.