Why isn't the submit button appearing or working on my form?

The submit button always appears after the last visible field on your form. When this doesn't happen, it usually means there are required fields that need to be answered before finishing your submission.

To help respondents to see how many fields are left before they can submit, you can enable the "X Questions to Go" feature on your form when using "Standard" mode.

To enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to "Theme" settings (the droplet icon top-right of your form editor).
  2. Select "Standard" under the heading Form Experience.
  3. Select the "UI Elements" tab at the top, and navigate to "Submit Button" on the left.

If a respondent clicks on the "X Questions to Go" message at the bottom of the form they will be sent to the first field they’ve missed (underlined in red). A message will also be shown stating "This question is required".

An image showing a button with the text, "3 questions to go"

An image showing a text field on a form, with the message "This question is required" shown below within a thin red banner stretching the width of the field.

If the "X Questions to Go" option is not enabled, the "Submit" button will appear immediately at the end of your form. If the user selects the "Submit" button before finishing any required fields, they will again be sent to the first field they need to complete.


  • The only method for editing the message "This question is required" is to translate the form using a Custom Translation.
  • When the "X Questions to Go" option is enabled, the submit button will not be shown until all required fields have been completed.
  • Clicking on the "X Questions to Go" message will send the respondent back to any unanswered required fields on their form.