You can customize the messaging/buttons of your form and its User Interface to say whatever you like in any language.

How to use translations

You can create, edit, and manage all of your translations in your Account Settings. You can then apply these translations to forms via the Theme settings.

  1. In your dashboard, click on your avatar, and go to Account Settings, then go to “Translations” in the side bar.
  2. Here you can see all of your translations, and set the default across your forms
  3. To add a translation, select “Add Translation”. The first three fields are details about your translation, and are required.
  4. (optional) If you select ‘yes’ for RTL, then all messaging, questions, and answers for forms will be set to RTL.
  5. Go through the list of messaging and type in the equivalent you would like for each.
  6. When finished, select “Create Translation”. The translation will appear in the list.
  7. When editing a form, you can choose and edit the translation under Theme → Translations.

Note that:

  • You can edit or delete your translation at any time.
  • You can also opt to have any translation as the default for all of your forms.
  • The ‘Submit’ button wording is unique to every form, and can be set in the form editor under Theme → UI Elements → Submit Button.