You can change the style of your pagination buttons in your Theme Settings (that drop icon top right corner of your editor).

On Essentials and Pro, you can make pagination buttons show as any of the following styles:

  • Button Only

  • Numbers

  • Progress Bar

You can also choose to show the form's total price in the pagination buttons with the option Shows total price in the next page button.

Go to ThemeUI ElementsPagination ButtonsPagination style → and choose your preferred style.

Guided Mode

If you are using Guided Mode, the way pagination buttons work is slightly different. You are limited to three options:

  • Include a back button - This will prevent a respondent moving to previous pages.

  • Include progress bar - This will include a progress bar at the top of the screen.

  • Include page numbers - This will display the number of the current page, and how many are left.

Custom CSS

If you have an active Agency subscription, you can also use custom CSS to customize the appearance of the buttons or add text.