It’s about time you had the chance to show off those products! You can add images to each product so your customers can drool over your merchandise.

To add images to products:

  1. Insert a field, and select type as ‘Product’
  2. Go to Configure to the right of the field, then to the products tab.

  1. Under the "Images" section of the product, click the "Add Images +" button to upload add images to the product.
  2. You can upload multiple images to your products, and re-order them. The first image will be used as the primary image for that product.
  3. (optional) Under the "Appearance" tab, you can also choose different layouts for your products that show off images better than the default "List" layout.

Editing your product images

After you've uploaded them, you can use the built-in image editor to adjust levels, crop, resize, or even add annotations to your product's images. Hover over an image after it's been uploaded, then click the pencil icon to pull up the image editor.