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Paperform provides tools to edit your uploaded images within the form editor. You can find the option for editing images by first uploading your image, and then select the pencil ´ŞĆicon from the styling toolbar.

Gif of the style context menu above an image in the form editor.

Where can I use edited images on my form?

You can use our image editor in a variety of places, including:

To access the image editor, first upload your image to the desired location. You can then click on your new image and select Edit Image in the top-left of the popup window.

What can I edit on my images?

We have a wide variety of tools at your disposal for enhancing and editing images.


The annotate mode allows you to draw lines, shapes, and text on top of your uploaded image. Paperform also offers a number of customisation options for edits made to your images, the options for which are shown under the relevant subtitle listed below.

Gif of the customisation options for the image editor.

  • Sharpie

The sharpie tool allows you to draw freestyle lines with a custom colours and thickness, using the customisation options provided.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the Sharpie image editing feature

  • Eraser

The eraser tool allows you to remove sharpie and line markings from your image.

No customisation options are available for the Eraser tool.

  • Line

The line tool allows you to draw straight lines on your image.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the Line image editing feature

  • Arrow

The arrow tool allows you to draw straight arrows on top your image.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the arrow image editing feature

  • Rectangle

The rectangle tool allows you to draw rectangle shapes on top of your image.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the rectangle image editing feature

  • Elipse

The elipse tool allows you to draw elipse shapes on top of your image.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the elipse image editing feature

  • Text

The text tool allows you to draw text on top of your image with various styling options, including font, font style, font size, line height, and colour.

Screenshot of the customisation options for the text image editing feature


Images added to your form can be cropped to your desired size, rotation, and zoom distance.

The options available for transforming your image are:

  • Rotate Left
  • Rotate Right
  • Flip Vertical
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Zoom In/ Out

A gif that demonstrates the different uses of the crop tools.


You can apply filters to your images to change their colour and appearance. The available filters are shown below:

Gif showing all of the available filter options ready to be applied to an image.


Finetuning options are available for images edited on your form. The image settings available to be modified for finetuning your image are:

  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Exposure
  • Temperature
  • Gamma
  • Clarity
  • Vignette

Gif showing all of the available finetuning options for your image.


The dimensions (height x width) of your image can be modified directly via the image editor resize tool.

If you would like to keep both the height and width the same size, you can do this using the Lock button shown below.

An image showing the options for resizing an image.

I made a mistake, can I undo my changes in the image editor?

Changes can be undone using the Revert button in the top left of the image editor. Note that you cannot revert changes after they have been saved.

An image showing the location of the revert button in the image editor.


Editing GIF images

If you choose to edit a GIF image from within Paperform, the GIF will be converted to a PNG image of the frame shown within the image editor. This includes images from services such as Unsplash and GIPHY.