How do I add a cover image to my form to display when it's shared on social platforms?

A cover image will appear when you link your form to social media. To set up your cover image:

  1. When editing your form, go to Configure → Details
  2. Click CHOOSE A FILE.
  3. Upload your own image file (recommended size is 600 x 400 pixels) or choose a file from the Unsplash or GIPHY Plugins.

Screenshot of the Configure Details menu. The "CHOOSE A FILE" button is highlighted, under "Cover Image."

Editing your cover image

After you've uploaded it, you can use the built-in image editor to adjust levels, crop, resize, or even add annotations to your cover image. Click on the image after it's been uploaded to pull up the image editor.

Screenshot of the image editor.


If the form has been shared to Facebook before, you may need to clear Facebook’s cache. To do this, go to and enter in the URL of the form. Click the “Debug” button, and then on the next page, click the “Scrape again” button.

The preview of the form as it appears when composing a Facebook post.