Can I remove the white background from my questions?
Turn off "Has background and shadow" in Theme → UI Elements → Questions
Can I add a progress bar to my form?
You can add a progress bar in Theme → UI Elements → Pagination Buttons → Pagination Style → and choose Progress Bar
Can I change or edit the color of the placeholder text?
Changing the color of placeholder text is only possible using custom CSS on our Agency plan.
Can I change the font size beyond just H1 and H2?
On Pro and Agency, you can add a custom font style to your form and apply it to specific text.
Can I change the style of my pagination buttons?
You can change the style of your pagination buttons in your Theme Settings.
Can I change the transparency on my background video?
You can adjust the transparency of your background video in the Theme settings of the form editor.
Can I create my own theme and use it across all my forms?
You can have your own theme across all your forms.
Can I customize the typography of specific pieces of text other than paragraph and heading styles?
On Pro and Agency, you can create a Custom Style and apply it to text on your form.
Can I edit my images?
Paperform provides tools to edit your uploaded images within the form editor. You can find the option for editing images by first uploading your image, and then select the pencil icon from the styling toolbar.
Can I fully customize the language and wording of forms, including the UI & buttons?
You can create, edit, and manage all of your translations under Account Settings → Translations. You can then apply these translations to forms via the Theme in the form editor.
Can I set the question background to transparent?
You can change the background and shadow of questions in your Theme Settings.
Can I style the submit button on guided mode?
Currently the option to style the submit button is not available. We will be looking to implement this feature in future.
Custom CSS Class Names
Here are some class names that are available for targeting questions with Custom CSS for users on an Agency plan.
Guided Mode Overview
Guided Mode provides a one-question-at-a-time experience and modifies the behavior of pagination.
How can I change the background color?
You can change your background color in Theme settings.
How can I change the color of active text?
You can change the color of active text in your Theme settings.
How can I change the colors on my form?
You can change the colors of your form in Theme Settings.
How can I create auto-advance multi-step forms?
Yes, we do! Paperform's guided mode allows you to create forms and surveys that display one question at a time, and automatically help your respondents navigate to other questions, sections, or pages.
How do I add a background image to my form?
Go to Theme → UI Elements → Background and upload an image.
How do I add images to a form?
Add images to your forms by selecting the place in the form you want the image to live, and then using the left sidebar options to add an image. Alternatively, you can use the slash command shortcut.
How do I add images to products?
Go to the product question configuration → "Products" tab → Click "Add images +"
How do I add text to the pagination buttons?
We don't support adding text to the page buttons, but it can be achieved using custom CSS.
How do I change the fonts in my form?
Go to Theme → Typography in the form editor.
How do I put my questions or side by side instead of one at a time?
You can put questions into columns of two at a time by going to each question configuration and toggling on "Make one of two columns".
How do I style my form?
Paperform gives you a lot of control over how your form looks and behaves. Here's how you can style and change design elements in your forms.
How do I upload my Adobe Creative Cloud images to my form?
You can add these images by using one of a couple methods: adding an image from the editor options or using slash commands.
How do I use my Adobe Creative Cloud colours on my form?
Those colours may be selected by heading to Theme in the upper right-hand corner of the editor.