Paperform forms automatically save changes as you go. This means it is very hard to lose changes on your form!

You can see the current status of your form in the top right corner of the form editor.

If there are changes that haven’t been saved yet, you will see text that says “Save changes”. You can click this to save the changes on the form manually.

Screenshot of the "Save Changes" option.

If the form is saving, the text will say “Saving”.

Screenshot of a form saving.

Otherwise, if the form is fully saved, the text will say “Saved”.

Screenshot of a form when fully saved.

When the text says “Saved”, you can click on the text to view/roll back to previous versions of the form.

Screenshot of the "Previous Versions" menu.


If you see an error such as "saved failed, retry" there are several steps you can try to fix this, including: waiting a moment, trying to save again, and checking your internet connection.