Depending on your plan, you can personalize the URL of your forms, as well as bringing your own custom domain.

Essentials plan

If you are on the Essentials plan, you cannot customize the URL of your forms. Upgrade to Pro or Agency.

Pro plan

If you have a Pro account, you can personalize the first part of the URL under Configure → Details. For example, the form URL can be customized to

Screenshot of the settings under Configure → Details, for a contact form used for a business owner named Harry; the input box below "Customize URL" is highlighted: [my-url]

Agency plan

If you have an Agency account, you can bring your own domain, as well as customize the URL like on Pro. Forms on custom domains are structured a little differently. For example, if the custom domain was, then would be available on

To add a custom domain to your Agency account, the owner or an admin will need to follow the steps to give Paperform access, then reach out to the support team.